The Barrier: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

Head north and face the east door that needs a copper sun key. You should have found one in the teleporter room. Open the door and do your thing. You will find a illusory wall to the south. Put a bag on rocks on it and it opens a wall in the main room, revealing a chest. The chest has some armor that's better than the Sea Shell stuff, but just as goofy looking. Don't worry. There's some fly armor coming up later in the game. Now head west again. In an area where blue fires sprout you will see a door to the south opened by a pressure plate. That's the entrance room. You want to pass it for now and keep going west.

Take a north west route first. It leads eventually to a passage that heads south over two pressure plates. Step on the first one and a wall opens up nearby. Go inside, do your thing. Explore the rest of this small area, and so on. Due west of the entrance you will come to a shut door. South of there is an area with pressure plates and a block. Cast a Reflections on the Lake spell and push the block all the way west. The door will now be open. Talk to the purple rock and you will be almost be finished with this dungeon. In the south west corner of the dungeon there is a shut door and two pressure plates. Step on them to open the door. Heal the root inside. East of this door is an area with a rolling rock.

Moves north and south in front of an illusory wall. Go inside and get some block figurines. They'll come in handy later on. Okay, you're almost done. Go back to the entrance room and take the teleporter to the dragon (the western 'porter). Put the ruby shard you found earlier into the hole in the wall next to a door and get the jar out of the chest. Now Click on the ornate hole in the wall where the dragon comes out and say it's name. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE JAR ON YOUR CURSOR ICON when you do this. A dragon comes out and spits amber. Gather it up with the jar on your cursor. You now have the second quest item the demon mentioned. Put it away with the heartstone. Now leave the tree through the way you entered. You are not ready to cross over into desolation yet. Go back to the underground city and take the west exit. Head for the Barrier.

The Barrier

Quest Items: Spring Equinox Disc

Before you enter this place, turn right and go into the ruined house. You will find an old man there who wants to trade with you. Buy everything he has. You will get some useful items. Now head back to the barrier. This place is a simple maze. You can cut straight through it once you solve the place, but first you need to deal with some headaches. The monsters here are the hilarious Clansmen, who sound like Scotty on Star Trek, and the Colossal Baboons who are no laughing matter. You can avoid the baboons by freeing their king. But to do that you have to fight a bunch of clansman. The main goal here is gather up four ivory lion keys and place a stone block on each of the four pressure plates found at each corner of the dungeon.

When you enter the East entrance of the place you find dying warrior who tells you the tale of the place. Past him to the west is a door opened by a switch on the wall. This will lead to an area with a spinner. There are four directions you can go in this spinner area. Go north. It takes some getting used to but eventually you can do it without a lot of effort. Due east of the north door in the next room is a Healing and Mana Altar. Now, you can go north, east, or west when you enter the north door. Unless you need to use the altars, go north. The first room you enter has a side passage to the west full of stone blocks. Destroy the first block and you will see an illusory wall. Enter and follow the passage around.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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