The Temple of the Moon: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

When you come out the other side, push the block in front of you north onto a pressure plate. Now destroy the block to the west. You can then enter a secret area and find members of the resistance. Take four stone block figurines from the chests in there. They're needed for this level. Go back past the blocks and head north. West is an area with lots of plates. Cast a reflections on the lake spell and walk over the plates until the door to the west opens. Go inside and find the withered hand key and the first plate you need to weigh down. Put a block on it. Before you explore anymore of the north section, go back to the spinner and head through the south door. Either fight or avoid the baboon that you see, but head due south of the door until you find a Green Baboon behind a force field.

He's their king. Talk to him, then use the withered hand key to free him. All the baboons will vanish from the game and you will not have to fight them. If you want to fight them, save the king for last. Behind the king are some chests. One of them has the Spring Equinox disc. Put it away with the sun disc and the other quest items. Go north again and finish off the north area. Heading west of the North door, you will find more chests. Heading east, past the altars, you will come to a twisty passage that heads North East. When it dead ends, fine the switch that opens a wall. Cast a Reflections on the Lake spell and move through the next area as fast as you can. There are doors that open and shut in the walls.

If you move fast you can catch them all before they close. When you see the pressure plate, put a block on it. Now go through the south door again. Head east. You will come to an area with a row of plates. Walk over the plates then put a bag of rocks on the first plate. Find the SE corner plate and put a block on it. Now head west. The SW plate is in a hidden area. Find an illusory wall on the south wall. Behind it is a teleporter. It will take you to the area with the SW plate. Put a block on the SW plate and one rock on the other plate to activate an escape 'porter. Now head down the south west passage and you will come to an area where four doors need four ivory lion keys. You should have three by now.

A Clansman will drop the fourth one when you kill him. Open all four doors and throw all four switches. The blocks you put in the four corners opened inner doors here. If you failed to place any of the blocks, these doors will be closed. Throwing the switches opens the way due west. Go back to the spinner. Head west. Unlock the first door then throw all the switches you see on the way out. These turn off spinners. You are now across the scar and ready for the Temple of the Moon.

The Temple of the Moon

Quest Items: Tears of the Weeping Moon, Three Soul Houses

Leaving the Barrier, head due west until you see some strange rock formations, like dark fingers. Turn north and you will see a white towered city. Head straight for it. It's the Temple of the Moon. This place is on three levels. The main level is large. There are two floors above which are slightly smaller. The South Eastern exit leads to the City of the Dead where you need to go after finishing this place off. When you enter the temple, a blank scroll will be on the floor. Pick it up and click on the floating pen in front of you. It will answer your questions by writing on the scroll. You need a blank scroll for each question and these you will find throughout the first floor of this dungeon.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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