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In the next two rooms are chests. One has an iron mark. The other has a blank scroll. North is a door to a long hallway where a rolling rock moves east and west. Another hall just like it runs parallel to the north. Destroy the blocks in-between so you can avoid getting hit. I'll refer to these halls as the north and south halls. The south being the one closest to the entrance. Wait for the rock to roll East then walk West down the South Hall. On the way you can enter a room to the south by hitting the wall switch. In there you'll find a gold Ankh key. Keep on going west. Before the hall ends you'll see an illusory wall to the north. Inside is a chest and two harpys.

At the west end of the south hall is a door with a switch on the wall and a plate om front of it. Weigh down the plate with a bag of rocks. Then throw the switch. The door will open. Now go around the room turning on every wall switch you see. There will be an area where you will see some pressure plates. Ignore that for a second. You will see a side room with a Lightning Wild spell roving the hall. Cast a Reflections on the Lake spell and go into this other room and search it. After making a circle of the rooms and turning on all the wall switches, you can take back your rocks bag without exiting the room. Go to the area with two pressure plates in an alcove. Step on the plates, back and forth until you see another area next to this one has opened up.

Weigh down that plate with two rocks. A secret passage will open up nearby with a chest inside. In the Southwest corner is a room opened by an opal moon key. You should have got the key off of one of the monsters you killed while combing the area. Inside there is a side passage with a pressure plate in front. Step on the plate, wait for the fire spells to wear off, the go inside and get a soul house. You will need this later. Search the rest of the area, then go out into the main room and look for the teleporter that came up when you hit a wall switch. This will take you to the east side of the south hall. Before you explore this area to much, go into the south hall and raid the room next door, which is opened by a wall switch.

Now return to the South East area and raid any chests you find. To the south is a teleporter in a hallway. Keep entering it until you are on the other side and able to enter the room. The first time another teleporter will block you way. This will be gone the next time. It is activated by a plate you are standing on. Once you are in this room you will see an east, west and south door. Ignore the south door because that leads to the City of the Dead and you aren't going there yet. Go to the East door. One of the monsters you kill will drop an opal moon key. Raid the chests then go to the West door and open it with the key. You will find a second Soul house in a chest in this room. Take it. Now, go to the North Hall and avoid the rock.

Go all the way to the west door leading north. The East door can only be opened from the inside. Use the Gold Ankh key to get in. You will find yourself in a room leading to the tower stairs. In the North of this area is a Healing Altar. Find the stairs and head up. The second floor is pretty simple. You come up the stairs and find a teleporter to either side of you. It doesn't matter which one you take. They both go to an identical room where two harpies will attack you. Choose which one you want, kill the harpies and make for the hall directly south. The teleporter you se in these rooms takes you back to the stairs. A long hall goes east and west. Go East all the way and enter a southern area. You will see a room off to the East.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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