The City of the Dead: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

It opens by pulling the Cross shaped wall switch. Inside is a Mana Altar and two chests. Go down the south hall, step on a pressure plate and it opens a wall to the north hiding a chest with the third Soul House. You now have all of them. Continue south down the hall and the last room has something called the Sacred Sipher in it. You need this bottle so don't forget it. Read the note on the floor. Go all the way west down the hall, ignoring the center southbound hall for a moment. You will enter an area were a rolling rock opens and shuts a door. Go in the door and follow the rolling rock to your right as it enters a teleporter. You will find yourself in a room with a chest. In the chest is a powerful weapon.

Now, return to the main hall and go to that center south bound hallway. Wait for the teleporters to blink off them move down that hall as fast as you can. At the end is an illusory wall. Enter it and raid the chest. Now go up the nearby stairs. He third floor is a series of doors and teleporters leading to the Oracle. You need eight gold coins and two iron marks to get through them. The first bunch of doors take one coin each. The last door takes an iron mark on either side. Take the teleporter and look for an illusory wall. Inside is a room where the Oracle weeps. Talk to her, holding the sipher in your cursor. When she weeps, move the sipher to the tears and click. When you see the Sipher become blue you now have the tears of the Moon.

Put it away with the rest of your quest pieces. Now head for the exit to the City of the Dead. It's in that hall in the South West of the first floor. The south passage. You will enter into a bend. An illusory wall will be to your west. Put a block on the plate behind it, then step into the teleporter. You should be in a room leading out to the City of the Dead. Near the door, if you are playing one of the male characters, you will see Foxwen, the blonde woman, dying from a bunch of arrows. She will tell you to look for Nula in the City of the Dead. If you are playing one of the women, you won't see anything in the alcove.

The City of the Dead

Quest Items: The Soul of the Warrior, The Knight's Armor, Anti-Poison Shield.

This place is on two levels. The ground floor is a necropolis, a city of the dead. But many tombs have stairs leading to underground areas. The Lurking Stench monsters are poisonous, but you will find a poison proof shield in this maze, which will make you invulnerable to poison once you start using it. If you have any Wyvern Blood flasks left, this is a good place to use them. The Tormented Souls that hang around this place shoot arrows at you from far away. It can get real annoying. Lightning Wild spells seem to hurt them badly, though, so you may want to fire off some now and then. Go around the path and head south.

Explore the three southern tombs first and the game will be easier. The one closest to the entrance in the south west has two stairs leading down. You will find yourself in a huge area with a bunch of Infernal Bones standing over armor and weapons. At the far south of this area is a throne. In front of the throne is a shield that will make you 100% invulnerable to poison. Start using this shield. There is also an axe that casts Raging Hero spells. Take what you want, but most of the armor and weapons in this dungeon are stuff your probably threw away earlier. The next tomb to the south of the City is a small one. You will find a portable chest inside. If you are playing a woman character, it will have a Fall Equinox disc inside.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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