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If you are playing a man, it will be empty. The tomb in the South East corner is very important. In the center is the blue knight. Do not take his soul yet. Talk to him. Do not open the chest south of him. Leave it for later. You can raid the other two chests if you want. Go through an illusory wall to the east and down some stairs. You will find the fourth disc (Moon Disc) in a chest. You now have a complete set. Now, head north along the easternmost wall of the city from the blue knights tomb. Throw a switch and open a north wall. Beware of the rolling rock. You will see a stone block to your left. Destroy it and throw a switch. Keep moving north. You will see a pressure plate in an alcove to your left. Put a stone block on it (or a rock bag).

Now go around to the west side of this tomb and enter. You will find an illusory wall on the inner east side in an alcove. Enter and take the stairs down. You will find the evil spirit the blue knight talked about. Talk to this clown, then take his soul. Drop the soul house on the floor, because you won't need it. Enter the room to the north. Talk to the lady ghost. Do NOT take her soul. Let her go. Now, return to the blue knight's tomb. Tell him what happened then take his soul. You can get rid of the third soul house. It's not needed. You know have another quest item. Store it away. Go ahead and take the armor in the chest now. It was cursed before. Now it is the best armor you will find in the game.

It also looks a lot better than any other armor (I like the War Armor the best, but it's wimpy). Too bad they don't have a dry cleaners in this world. The blood stains are annoying. Anyway, you can now explore the city anyway you like. Here are descriptions of the more tricky tombs. NW of the City is a healing altar. A few paces east of there is a Mana Altar. Both are at the north. A few more paces east of the Mana altar is an exit to an outside viewing area, where you can look at the scar. You will meet Nula there if you are playing a male character. She will give you the Fall Equinox disc. If you are playing a woman character, no one will be there. South of the healing altar is a tomb.

There is a illusory wall on its east side that leads to a complex area. Take the stairs down, get all the rocks you can from the chest and surrounding area. A plate in the floor opens a wall. Go in and ignore the plate near the east wall. Put a bag on rocks on each of the two plates in the side passage and enter the teleporter. You are now in a room with four pressure plates. Put one rock on each plate, then step through the 'porter. Take your rock bags off the two plates and you can now enter the area. Near one of the chests is a spinner. Make sure you are facing the right way. It has a ruby shard. Now go back to the door with the hold next to it and load in the ruby shard.

You will get a wand of unmaking which is a very powerful weapon. Save it for the nasty monsters later in the game. Just south of the NW area is a graveyard. One of the monsters will drop a Onyx Raven key that'll let you into a tomb nearby. The rest of this place is pretty simple. Just look for illusory walls and you won't miss a thing. When you're done, go back into the Temple and take the 'porter to your left. You will be taken to the exit of the temple.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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