The Eye of Clay/Sanctuary: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

The Eye of Clay/Sanctuary

Quest Items: The Sacrifice of Clay

After finishing the Temple and Necropolis, you will have four white discs. Go back to that area where the strange rock formations sprout up and walk around. It goes in a circle. To the side are four altars with round holes. Put the discs in the holes until you have filled all four of them. You will also see a stranger hiding behind a rock. Talk to him and take the Wreath of Hallowed Leaves. You'll need this at the end of the game. Keep walking around and you will find a center area. When you walk into it after putting all the discs in you will be transported to Sanctuary. This is a weird place but rather simple to explore.

On the north walls are six dragon imprints. To the south is a door that looks like an eye. East and West are four teleporters. You need to enter each of the teleporters and get the dragon pieces, then place them on the dragon imprints to open the doors to the Eye of Clay. Let's deal with the teleporters one by one. To the East are two 'porters. One is in a recessed area the other is not. The same as in the west side. Eastern Non-Recessed 'porter: This takes you to an area with shifting walls. Just keep moving ahead into what looks like hallways before you. Eventually you will come across three chests. The exit is behind a illusory wall with a plate in front of it. Stepping on the plate causes a 'porter to appear behind the wall (or disappear).

Eastern Recessed 'Porter: You end up in a big room with a pressure plate at one side. Step on the plate to open a wall in the north. Beware of fires and flying fists. Enter the two 'porters behind the wall to get to the two chests. Western Non-Recessed Porters: This area has a bunch of plates between walls. Rolling rocks patrol along the far walls. You must weave yourself around the center walls, walking across the plates as if you were sewing a thread. This will open two doors on one side and one on the other. Three chests await. Western Recessed 'Porter: Save this one for last. It takes you to an area where a Mana and Health Altar are. Stepping on the plate will create a Jester to fight you. Finish your business then teleport out.

Now enter this 'porter again and you will be in a new area. This place has a plate that requires one rock. It opens a door to a chest. Teleporting out you will end up back in the altar room. Using that escape porter takes you to a north/south hall with a porter at each end. Go into the north porter, but beware of the spinner that will try to make you head south. You will arrive before the final chest and get the last dragon piece. Once all pieces are in place, you can enter a hallway to the north. Open the door to the west and raid the chests. Now go east and follow the twisty hallway around. You will see a rolling rock and an illusory wall. Pass through the wall and keep going. Beware of spinners. Eventually you will come to a teleporter.

Take it and talk to the tree in the north. Now that you have the sacrifice of clay, teleport out. Nearby is a porter in a recessed area. Take it to the exit. You can now cross over to desolation and the last stage of the game. The way you take is up to you. I list both methods below. If you choose Gorge Keep, just go back to the Temple of the Moon, but turn north right before you enter the gates. Follow along the path, enter a waterfall on the way to pick up a spell, then make your way to the keep. You will see Brice, the big bearded guy crucified in front of the keep if you are not playing him. If you choose to go through the Reed Plain, cross back over the scar on either the Ward Bridge or the Barrier.

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Anvil of Dawn

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