The Reed Plain: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

Go back to the top of the Elder Tree. Move north and the tree will bend and take you across the Scar. It will only do this if all the roots were healed earlier.

The Reed Plain

(optional) Goal: Cross the place to get to the Iron Titan

This area is optional, but if you cross into desolation from the Elder Tree, you have to pass through it. There are a lot of Slog Riders and a few Will O' Wisps here, but you can move in any direction. Beware of hidden spikes in the reeds. The only things to find here are the spell of unmaking in a chest surrounded by spikes and Skaracs. Skaracs are scorpion things. You only need one. When you exit at the north west side you'll come to a bridge guarded by a two headed giant. Talk to him and you'll eventually find the skarac to be useful.

Gorge Keep

(optional) Goal: Cross the Scar to get to the Iron Titan.

If you decide to cross into desolation through Gorge Keep get ready for a fight. This place is good for racking up fight and spell points because it is full of enemies. The layout is really simple and there are no heavy tricks to the place. Enter and you find yourself in a huge room full of Slog Riders. This room is a magic free zone, so you can't use spells. You have to fight. Run if you have to or choose a corner and fight them one by one. To the north is a long hall leading to the other exit. But it's useless to go that way until you have raised the portcullis. Enter to the east of the large room and go all the way north.

Kill all the guards until you get a key. Take that key back to the large room and enter the western area. Go north and find a chest with a glowing ember inside. Take that to the south eastern room where a man is encased in ice. Drop it on the floor. He will give you a key when he thaws out. Go north to the one room you couldn't get into before. Use the wooden dowel you should have found earlier and insert it in the mechanism. Move it all the way to the left. Also throw all the switches on the wall to turn off the spinners. Now you can make it to the north exit. But get ready to fight three messengers waiting for you.

The Iron Titan Quest item: Invincible Iron

This three level area is one of the most complex of all the dungeons. It is also full of some nasty monsters and traps. It's the first dungeon to have pits, so watch your step. The monsters here are poisonous, so start using the anti-poison shield when you enter this joint. This place is really tough to get through and a nuisance to back out of, so make sure you have all the quest items you need before trying on this maze. The only things you won't have by now are the Wood and the Iron for the chest. These you get here and the next dungeon. Okay, upon entering you will see a big area to the north with lots of blocks and four pressure plates.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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