The QuagmireE: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

You should have got that from the guy in the waterfall in front of Gorge Keep. Anyway, after you have all the keys you can unlock the five doors leading to the exit. On the way you will pass a room with two altars. Take the stairs up and up. When you reach the first level a messenger will attack you. He will drop a Soul Link spell when you kill him. Now head out the door and straight for the land with the hand.

The QuagmireE

Quest Items: The Sword Soul Wrought , Wood from the Wicked Tree, The Whistle of Fiery Summons, the Spell of Dance on the Stone of Winds

This place is pretty cut and dry. With won't even detail it for you. Basically, you're going to deal with a big, one level maze full of monsters. There are some important things to do here though, so pay attention. Turn on all switches you see. They look like wood knots in sticks imbedded in the walls. Keep your eye peeled for illusory walls. There are lots of them on this level and they hide a lot of important stuff. The monsters here are poisonous, so keep using that anti-poison shield.

Near the entrance a messenger attacks you. He'll drop a whistle of fiery summons. Save it for later. It's important. Make your way to the North West first. You will find a lot of Mire Lurks, those green snaky dudes who do bad Peter Lorre imitations. Here you will find a lot of gold coins. You'll need them. Trust me. A big throne area around here has two plates. If you drop a rock bag on each one a wall opens revealing a chest with a suit of armor. This armor is inferior to the knights armor, but it slows poison. If you have the poison shield, you don't need it. If you want to look like a lizard man, this armor is for you, though. North of this area is a hidden room, behind an false wall that moves when you put a bag of rocks on a plate (behind an illusory wall).

There are wind chimes in a chest. Get them. Once you clean out this area, head southeast. You will find some illusory walls and lots of Murk Elementals. Eventually you will find a talking sword being held by two magic chains. Put money in the holes to free it. This is the second best sword in the game and you will need it. In the west, behind some illusory walls, is a wind elemental. With the chimes in your possession you can understand her. She will teach you an important spell you will need in Fire Mountain. Finally, go to the center where the Wicked Tree is. It's surrounded by rocks and protected by those Beast of Trung. Use the yellow sword to chop off a piece of wood. You now have all the pieces you need to build the dark slag container.

Head to the north east and the exit. You will end up on top of the giant hand. Use the whistle of firey summons and you will be taken to the Dark Lords . . . I mean the Warlord's tower.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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