The Map: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

The Map

The auto map is very useful in this game because it will not only show you what areas you missed, it can be used to spot enemies and see if doors have opened outside of your field of vision. When you step on a plate or throw a switch you can check the map to see if it changed anything on the map. This is very useful. Monsters appear as green squares and those annoying rolling rocks are shown also in relation to where they are when the map was called up. When you enter a dungeon or exit a stairway, ALWAYS turn around and look back the way you came so the map will register it. Otherwise the exit will show up blank. You should want to know where the exit is at all times. You can also make notes on the map by clicking on the pen box. I recommend this for confusing areas.

The Csatle of the Lady

Okay, your character has just awoken and you have to start the game. Grab what's in the chest in your room, turn the knob on the wall that opens the door (it's on an artsy pattern next to the door) and talk to each character on your way down the stairs. You don't need to talk to the guards or the servant boy, but you can if you want to. The first person you need to see is the castle wizard. He will teach you the spell of healing and an optional offensive spell. I recommend choosing the water spell Shackles of Ice . This spell freezes your opponent temporarily so he can't fight back. The other spells are okay, but they are slow and don't give you as much of an advantage.

You will get all these spells later so don't worry about missing them here. But make sure you talk to the wizard because he's the only source of the heal spell and you need it to win the game. Next up is the armorer. I suggest you get a sword (Slashing weapon). Swords are the best weapon in the game. You will end up with two really powerful swords later on, so spend your skill points on slashing before you start to improve any others. Always check the damage a weapon does when you get it by bringing it up to the eye on the inventory screen and clicking on it. The higher the damage, the more deadly the weapon.

Ranged weapons aren't much use in this game except in a few places. You don't really need them. Finally, you meet the old man who tells you what your mission is. He will direct you to a portal that will take you to the wine cellar of Gryphon Keep. Enter and you are on your way.

Gryphon Keep

Goal: Find the Spell of Heavenly Mend, Find Exit

This is the easiest dungeon in the game and serves to educate you on the game mechanics. You start out in a wine cellar. Make your way to the door opened by a pressure plate on the floor. Stepping on the plate opens it. Step inside and fight the guard. You may find it closing on you before you can do that. This is because the guard stepped on a plate on his side. Step back on your plate and the door will open again. The wine cellar/basement level is pretty small. There are a few guards to kill. Two will drop keys which will open the rooms on this level. In one room you will find Lord Gryphon, who is dying. Talk to him and he will give you his signet ring. You will need this when you finish the keep. The ground floor is pretty straight forward.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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