Fire Mountain: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

Fire Mountain

Goal: Meet Black Gnarl, get him to make you the Container, find the words of opening.

Okay, you need to go here after the Quagmire, but you've ended up on the Warlord's doorstep instead. No problemo. Just enter the Warlord's tower. Two Sword Thanes will attack you (and a Cacofiend, which you can ignore for now if you like). One of the Sword Thanes will drop a gold ankh key. Use it on the door to your right. Enter the 'porter and head for the nearest exit. You will be facing Fire mountain. Step off the landing and you will be teleported there. Now enter. This place is on two levels.

The first level is similar to the Barrier, in that you need to open doors to get through the mountain so you can reach the Anvil of the Dawn. But first you have to meet Black Gnarl and get your container made. To enter the stairs leading down you will need to find four iron marks and an amulet called the Sigil of Fire. You also need to find a scroll with the Words of Opening on it. This is all fairly simple. You enter in the west. To the north is an opening. This leads to two altars. Ahead in the east-west hall are pressure plates. These open and close holes in the floor. You do not want to fall through these holes because the second level is deadly hot. You need to find the Sigil of Fire before you can go down there.

So be careful. The spell the wind woman gave you will allow you to float over holes and move faster. But when you use this spell, make sure you aren't standing over a pressure plate when it wears off. For some reason this is deadly. Anyway, down the hall, to the south are two illusory walls. The first leads to an area you need to explore. In there, behind an illusory wall, you will find a scroll with the words of opening on it. Read the scroll then toss it. Another hall in this area is found behind an illusory wall. It has spinners and holes in the floor. If you can make it to the end you will find a teleporter. It will take you to an area where you can find the Sigil of Fire in a chest. Put it on.

Now, once you clean out this section of the map, head back down the hall. The second south passage leads to a door that requires and iron mark. You will need at least three of them to enter through to the stairs leading down. So go west down the hall to the first opening in the north. This leads to a hall of teleporters. To the east is a illusory wall. Go down this hallway to an area where there is a spinner that will make it really hard for you to weight down a plate in an alcove. Do it anyway. An illusory wall in the north of this area has a mark and some old armor. Go back to the teleporters. Enter and keep entering them until you end up in a room to the west. You will find some useful stuff in here. Between the teleporters is an illusory wall to the north.

Enter there, head east then north. In the end of that hall is a room. In a south west wall of this room is a switch that opens passages to the east and west. The western room has some rad armor that is less powerful than the knight's armor but it gives to 25% protection against fire spells. To the east is a complex area with holes in the floor, and spinners. A south passage in this section has illusory walls to east and west. Put on a Dancing Winds Spell and float into these rooms. Put bags on the plates until a pressure plate is revealed at the south end of the hall. Put something on it then repeat until a second plate is revealed. After weighing this down, two rooms open up. In one of these rooms you'll find War Render, the best sword in the game.

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