The Warlords´s Tower: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

Use it for everything except the Castellan, whom you'll be fighting soon. Once you've explored all the areas you can, head back to the room with the mark doors to the south. Put an iron mark in the hole and you'll find another door wanting a mark. In the next to last room an illusory wall to the south will provide the fourth mark, if you need it. Make sure you have that Sigil of Fire on. Now go downstairs. This part is easy. There are a bunch of infernal bones in this place to fight. There are blocks and rocks here. Push a block on one of the plates or roll a rock onto one. A door will open in the center of the dungeon. There are four plates controlling four doors. You only need to open one. Go in and find Black Gnarl.

He's hard to miss. Talk to him and he'll make you the Container. Now head back to the Warlord's tower. By stepping off the landing in front of fire mountain (the side you came in, west) you will end up back at the tower.

The Warlords´s Tower

Goal: Get the Dark Slag

This place is pretty simple and by now you should find it easy to kill the monsters because you should have the best swords in the game. Two words of warning. Watch out for holes in the floor and keep a Reflections on the Lake spell going at all times. You will keep out of harm that way. The switches look like bull horns on a demon face. Pull them down whenever you see them. I think the best way to do this place is kill everything you see on the first level and try to clean out every room. In the north of the first floor you will find the barracks. Lots of Sword Thanes here. Kill them, get the keys. The southern barracks room has a block standing near a pressure plate.

Ignore the teleporter in the alcove. Push the block onto the plate. It opens a door down the hall. In that room you can find Cloudburst, a shield that helps make you immune to lightning. Though I think a reflection spell is the best way to go. One room in the north has a lot of pressure plates and lightning spells going off. Cast a Reflections spell, walk over the plates until the doors open revealing the chests. Get the key you need inside. The altars are right off the main entrance room. They are opened by using a wren key. You need to hit the switches on either side of the room to reveal the wren keyholes. But you have to move fast because rolling rocks are turning off the switches. Pull it and a door opens.

Use the key and you can get to the altars. When you have cleaned out this place, use the pearl serpent key to open the door in the north of the entrance hall. This reveals a teleporter that takes you to the stairs going up. But before you can find the stairs you have to deal with a few annoyances. Avoid the rolling rocks. Go to the north east hallway and put a block on the plate in the alcove east. Now walk through the illusory wall to your west and step on the pressure plate. A wall opens revealing a door. Use the sun key to get in and head upstairs. On the second floor, keep your reflector spell going. You will enter a room with three blocks and one rock. Destroy the block south of he rock with your sword.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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