The Anvil of the Dawn: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

Now get behind the rock and push it north into the blocks above it. Now destroy the block to the east of it. Now go where that block was and push the rock west, then south onto the pressure plate. If you return to the hall, you will see a passage opened to the stairs going up. On the third floor you will find an illusory wall north of where you come up the stairs. A switch in there opens a nearby door. Pass the gold ankh door, and head upstairs. On the fourth floor, fight you way to the room with the Wither Priest. Take the key in the chest. Now return to the third level. Go to the door, open it with the gold key. Make sure you have the golden sword Soulwrought equipped as your sword. You better do a save.

And make sure you are healed up. Head north, kill the cacodemons, avoid the rocks and find Castellan. He's the dude in the purple armor to the north. Talk to him then get ready for a fight. When he's dead, enter the alcove, pull the switch. In the next room you will find the dark slag. MAKE SURE YOU ARE HOLDING THE CONTAINER WHEN YOU PICK IT UP. MAKE SURE IT GOES INTO THE CONTAINER. The container will be shut when it's in there. If what I just said doesn't work, try picking it up with your hand or variations, but it must go into the container or you will suffer. All right. One last dungeon. Make your way to the exit and head for fire mountain.

The Anvil of the Dawn

Goal: Destroy the Dark Slag

Enter fire mountain gain. Put blocks on the pressure plates to the north in the east west hall to open the doors leading east. Exit the mountain and head for that light in the sky. After crossing the ice, you come to a mountain door guarded by an armless giant. Talk to him, then use the spell of Heavenly Mend. Now talk to him again and say the words of opening. You will now be able to enter the final part of this game. Just when you think you're almost done, they throw one more obstacle in your path . . . an invisible maze. This part of the game can be the most frustrating. But I will help you through. The first area has three exits to the east and a rolling rock that sits on a pressure plate to the south.

Throw the two switches before you until you get the rock to the north side. Then make it go south. You should now be able to walk through the north most eastern opening. This part is hard to describe, but feel your way east near the north wall, then about half way, turn south and head for that plate in the center of the room. You have to walk about one space past it or so then head back west all the way until you see a switch on the wall. Throw it. Now feel your way over to the plate and step on it. Okay, you can now feel your way south to an illusory wall. Enter and stand a pace or two away from the ice worm. Throw that spear Steelripper at it a few times to kill it. Or fight it with your sword if you really want to.

These things are tough, though. A Vampire Mist spell doesn't hurt. Enter the illusory wall to the north and push the block you will eventually see over one. Then push it east onto a plate. There is an illusory wall to the south. Enter and you will be in a room with one alcove and three plates. East, South, and West. Step on the east plate and a teleporter appears in the alcove. Enter. You should be in a room with two teleporters and a block. If only one teleporter is there, go back to the plate room through the porter and step on the south plate. Check your map to see if a second porter came on in that other room. If not step back and forth on the east and south plates until one does.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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