Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

Now enter that porter and push the block through the nearest porter. Teleport into the plate room, push the block onto the east plate. Weight down the south plate with a block or a bag of rocks and leave the area. You can start divesting yourself of bags now. You only need two rocks after this. After leaving the first room, head back to that plate in the middle of the main room and step on it again. Now work your way east of there. You will be able to go all the way east just north of a big eastern opening. When you hit the wall, turn north then west and enter the illusory wall to the north. You will be in a big room after stepping on a pressure plate to open a door. On both sides of this big room are thrones.

The old gods sat on these things. Looks like they bought their furniture at Levitz. No variation. Anyway, ignore these areas. Go all the way east and fight the ice worms. A chest in the back has a silver chalice. Take it. Now go back to the plate in the main room and step on it two times. You should now be able to work your way south again to another illusory wall further east on the south wall. A teleporter on the other side takes you to a room in a big circle. Twelve plates are in this room like numbers on a clock. Put a rock on the north and south plates. Now walk over every plate in the room, making a circle. A passage will open to a teleporter to the main room. You can now work your way to the big eastern opening.

Kill the worm. Put the chalice in the hole and a door will open. Almost there! First, put on the wreath of hallowed leaves. Now activate a soul link spell. Exit through the eastern door (do a save for the hell of it, you never know). Heading east you will meet the Warlord himself. I guess he likes hanging out in weird ass locales. Anyway, talk to him. He will lay a Darth Vader rap on you. Don't accept the dark side, Luke. Trust me. After talking to him you can only do one thing. Walk to the Anvil of the Dawn. For an alternate ending, do everything I just said, but don't wear the wreath or use a soul link spell.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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