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In four corners of the keep are stairs that go to four separate towers. Each has some useful items. There are long halls on either side of the castle and lots of rooms in between. I will break down the areas by compass direction on the map. The South West Tower entrance has no door. There is a healing altar nearby. This is where you use the strange looking tokens that you find to heal yourself. The gold ones heal all your points, the flesh colored ones heal a random amount of points. Upstairs in the tower are two pressure plates. You need to weigh down the one in front of the door first, with three rocks. Then step on the other plate. This will open the door to the next room. A round switch on the wall opens an alcove where two chests are hidden.

There is also a chest on this level with the spell of Heavenly Mend of Unseen Artisans . Do not leave the keep without this spell. It is essential to winning the gam and this is the only place you find it. The South Corridor of the Keep has a flying skull spell coming down the hall like clockwork. Wait for it to pass. You will see a door with no way to open it. Find a side passage nearby. At the end is a switch on the side wall. Throw the switch. A rock will roll back and forth, opening the door in the south hall every now and then. Go to the door and wait for it to open. You may get hit by a skull spell, so make sure you are healed up. Inside you get your first shield in the game. The South East tower entrance is opened by pushing a stone block onto a nearby plate.

You will enter a room with rolling rocks. Find the stairs. In the tower is a Mana Altar which can only be accessed by putting a gold coin in the hole in the wall next to the door. At the East side of the keep is the exit to outside. Make sure you finish the keep before leaving. You can reach the exit by pushing a block onto a plate near the door. This leads to a hallway with some chests before the true exit. Across from the Exit hall is a big Throne room where there are several chests. You can enter this room by putting one stone on the plate in front of the door. In this room is a messenger monster. These guys are really tough to fight.

I suggest using the offensive spells you find earlier to soften him up first. If he is hurting youbadly, try running away and healing up, then come back and finish him off. The North East Tower entrance is opened by entering the room next door and placing three rocks on each of the two pressure plates inside. There are two doors that open periodically due to a rolling rock. Wait for them to open. One leads to the tower. Upstairs you will find two pressure plates next to a switch in the wall. Move back and forth on the plates until you can throw the switch. An alcove opens revealing two chests. The North West Tower entrance is opened by a switch in the wall. Near this entrance is a room with armor.

It doesn't hurt to get it before you go on. Upstairs in the tower are two pressure plates you have to walk over before reaching the chests. Move fast and then sidestep. These chests activate traps that send Earthen Fists flying at you from behind. After you have searched every room, go outside the castle and turn to face the ruins one step from the door. You will meet Parselfal, whom Lord Gryphon spoke to you about. Parselfal will hand you a bag of gold coins which come in useful later. Head on straight down the way you were coming to the Dark Lantern, your next dungeon.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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