The Dark Lantern: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

The Dark Lantern

Goal: Talk to Wizard, Get Sea Shell of Summoning

When you reach the causeway leading to the Lantern Tower, you will see it is gone. Use the spell of Heavenly Mend of Unseen Artisans to repair the causeway, then head to the tower. This is a small place except for the basement. On the first floor you will have to put three rocks on the pressure plate near the entrance to make a teleporter vanish. Then, put a rock on the pressure plate the teleporter was hiding. This will open the door to the rest of the tower. In the north is the exit to the pier.

You will leave this way when you finish the tower so make a note of it. There is a block nearby. Push it onto a plate to open the two doors leading down and up. Take the down stairs first. You should finish the basement level before going on to the rest of the tower. Next to the stairs is a healing altar. A gargoyle guards the entrance to the north section of the basement. Talk to it and find out you need to unsummon it. Go south to a long hall, then west. In a north side passage is a switch. This opens a wall to the south. In this area are some chests and a clue to unsummoning the gargoyle. Down the hall, west of there is a side passage to the north. There are lots of chests in here, guarded by Wyverns.

The chests are hidden behind illusory walls. You can always tell an illusory wall because it flickers. Pay close attention to each wall. Further west is a pressure plate that makes a teleporter appear. Enter the teleporter and find yourself in an area guarded by a juggernaut. There is better armor in a chest nearby. There is also a section with two rolling rocks. This section will have a chest with one part of the unsummon spell. You need to get it then teleport out and reenter the hall teleporter. This will take you to another identical area. Go to the rolling rock spot and get the second part of the unsummon spell. At the west end of the long hall is a plate and a wall switch. Step on the plate and then flip the switch.

It opens a door to the south. This area comes in two parts. Behind an illusory wall is a big room with four wyverns guarding chests. The middle chest contains a sea shell. You need this to get to the sunken ship. The other area has two hidden chests revealed at the far west end by stepping on a pressure plate. Unfortunately, the plate also causes a screaming skull spell to come flying at you. If you avoid the spell, it goes into a teleporter nearby and comes around again. Every time you step on the plate, more skulls fly. If you keep avoiding them you will soon see lots of flying skulls. This is very dangerous because you will get hit sooner or later, so take it like a man and empty those chests. Now you can go back the way you came and unsummon the gargoyle.

You will then find a long hall with a door to the south and a door to the west. You need a key to go west so enter the south door. You will find yourself in a large room with rocks neatly laid out. Walk the length of the room along the north wall and head south toward the entrance to the next room. There is a spinner going on in this room that will try to mess up your sense of direction. Try doing moves in reverse when this happens and make your way into that room. It takes some effort. You will find a chest with the key and three teleporters guarded by a juggernaut. The middle teleporter will take you to the exit of the rock room so you don't have to deal with the spinner again.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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