The Undersea Maze: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

Once you unlock the west door you find yourself in a similar room. The far west door needs a key, the door to the south is opened by a pressure plate. There is a stone block you need top destroy to free a pressure plate. This will open the door to a room with a bunch of chests. One of the has the key to the third area. The third area is the same. You'll need a key to go further west. Entering the south door you'll see rolling rocks. Enter their halls and find the gaps to get across to a room. Throw any switch you see. Get the key in a chest. The fourth area is the final area. A door to the south leads you to a room full of switches. Throw all the switches. Doors open revealing chests. One door leads to the final room.

To get in you have to go to a side passage, kill the juggernaut and put a block on the pressure plate. The other pressure plates will then let you in the door. Now head upstairs to the second floor of the tower. There are three doors leading to the stairs to level three. To open them you must do the following: Near the doors is a switch in a recessed area. It causes a stone to roll onto a plate. Throw it. Now, there is a pressure plate east of the stairs. Put three big rocks on it. Another plate in the south requires a block. A wall opens and closes periodically. It has the block, but I'm not sure if you push it into one of the plates in this area or on the plate to the north. I just made sure there is a block on the first plate in the hidden area and the one exposed.

The doors will then be open, go on the way to the stairs is a side passage with an illusory wall. Throw the switch on the other side and rob the chest. Head upstairs and you will walk across a plate that opens a wall. Inside, behind a illusory wall is a chest with a key inside. Get it. East of the stairs is a Mana altar. Throw the switch nearby. This will cause rocks in another room to roll which will open the door to the Wizard's lair. You will find that he's already dead. Get the yellow globe on the floor and put it in the fish's mouth. Go to the nearby chest and read the scroll inside. Then click on the globe. The wizard will tell you his story. In the locked room is a chest with a good sword.

Now that you've cleared the tower, make your way to the pier exit on the ground floor. You can take the teleporter in the hidden room where in the key was, but it takes you to the causeway exit. Use the pier exit. Go to the end of the pier and use the sea shell. Talk to the elemental, then enter.

The Undersea Maze

Goal: Get to ship

This area is pretty simple. It's a maze with the center as the goal. But you must inspect every square inch of the place before you try to enter the center. You'll need to find eight pearls to reach the center. You should also find Aegis, the best shield in the game. Throw away your old shield when you find it. The maze has blood thorns which can poison you, so save up on those poison cures. Only use them when you really need them. If you can fight a couple monsters while poisoned, hold out until you must use the cure. That way you won't run out. There is a teleporter on each side of the maze that will take you to the opposite side.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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