The Sunken Ship: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

There are two exits. One takes you to a land pier to the south of the underground city. The other takes you to the lantern pier. If you accidentally exit the maze, call the elemental with the shell again and click on GREET. The Mana Altar is in the North West part of the maze, the Health Altar is in the South West part of the maze. Once you reach the center of the maze, teleporters will block your way. You need to enter them until you are next to a chest with the final pearl. Teleport back and put the pearl in the hole in the wall. The next teleporter will take you to the center where another teleporter whisks you away to an area north of the maze, the entrance to the ship.

The Sunken Ship

Goal: Talk to Demon

You enter the ship and find yourself in a room with two exits to the north. Either one takes you to a huge room in the center of the ship. The far west side of this room is a altar of healing. You need a gold coin to get in. The far east is a room with the demon the wizard told you about. The demon wants eight hearts, which you get by killing the sailors on the ship. You get four on the first level and four on the upper level. You may want to wait until you have all the hearts before talking to the demon to save trips back and forth. The north east door of the great hall is opened by pulling the anchor switch.

Inside the room are seven switches. Pull them all. You can now enter seven doors off the hall. The south east door leads to the stairs going up. Save them for after you finish clearing level one. Somewhere near the western end of the great hall are two doors facing each other. They are opened or closed by a pressure plate. To hold down the plate, put a bag on rocks on it. Take them off to enter the opposite door. Both rooms are identical. They have a teleporter and a wall switch. Two pebbles will be on the floor. Get them, pull the switch, enter the teleporter. Put a pebble on each pressure plate in the room you have arrived in, then step in the teleporter to get sent back to the hallway. Only one teleporter does this.

The other keeps you in the room. You can now get into four rooms at the west side of the ship. Now go upstairs. To the east of the ship is a area with rooms and chests. A hidden room can be accessed by fining an illusory wall near the area where a rolling rock is standing in a side room. Enter the wall, throw the switch and two rocks roll onto plates, opening up the hidden room to the far east. The middle section of the ship has a large room with four blocks in the center. Push them onto the four plates in each corner. This opens a door to the north that leads to the captain's quarters. On the way watch out for the rolling rock. There are alcoves you can jump in to let the rock pass. The captain's quarters is in a hidden area.

You can only reach it by stepping on the pressure plate in the center of the room. A wall to the north opens. Go into the south room, pull the wall switch. Do the same to the north room and a west wall will start to open and close. Enter and find a suit of shell armor and some other stuff. The suit is the best one so far. It looks goofy, though. Go back and talk to the demon, give him the hearts. Now that you've accomplished that and found out what you need to do in the game, go back into the sea maze. The north west corner of the sea maze is the exit leading to the underground city. That's the best way to go.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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