The Underground City: Komplettlösung Anvil of Dawn

The Underground City

Quest Items: Heartstone, Sun Disc, Trumpet of Earthen Quake

This place is pretty creepy. If you came out of the sea onto the land pier you will enter the city from the East. If you go in from the Gryphon Keep side you will enter South. At the South entrance is an NPC who will tell you the story of the city. It is haunted by some horrible monsters. The Blood Spawn are especially tough. There are two other exits to this place. North is the Exit to the Elder Tree. West takes you to the Barrier. If you enter from the East follow the outer wall south until you get to the south entrance. This is a good starting point. Talk to the weird looking man. Following along the outer walls is usually safe.

No monsters are around there unless they chase you there. The only threat are Iron fist spells which fly along a set path. These are easy to avoid. You can use a reflecting pool spell to deflect them anyway. There are two levels to this place. A huge main level with lots of buildings to explore and a small mine level where you will find the heartstone needed for your quest. Worry about the mine later. Save it for last. Throw away the Sea Conch if you want to. It's no longer needed. Since most of this dungeon is pretty cut and dry I will only describe the tricky parts. The main thing to remember is look for illusory walls, all picks stuck in walls are switches and be careful of those monsters.

Like the sea maze, there are teleporters at each side of the dungeon, next to the exits, that will take you to the other side of the city. The altars are in two separate areas. The Health Altar is in a open area surrounded by a lot of monsters. It's near the center, north of the Enclave Area. You can just ignore the monsters and heal up if you are desperate. They don't immediately attack you unless you face them. The Mana altar is slightly north of the West exit. You need an Amethyst Hex key to get in. This is found in a house nearby, surrounded by four pressure plates (See description below). We'll start with the south entrance and work our way around in no particular order. There are plenty of other places I don't describe here.

Make sure you check everyone. Don't leave any section of the map blank. Directly to the north of the south entrance is an area I call the Enclave. It is a large walled off area full of houses. The entrance has rolling rocks and spikes guarding it. Go straight through, watching out for the rocks and fire spells. You will find the place has lots of houses. Directly north of the entrance is the first place you should enter. Here are a couple Sword Thanes (like the one's guarding Gryphon Keep) inside. One of them will drop a gold skull key when you kill him. To the west of this room is another room opened by a pressure plate. A messenger will be guarding it. Kill him and take his hat.

These hats are the best headgear in the game until you get the knight's armor, so throw away that stupid seashell helmet. An adjoining room is entered by stepping on the pressure plate again. Inside you will find a sun disc. This is an important item you will need later on. Two houses on either side of the enclave have pressure plates. They take one rock each. Now go around the enclave and clean out the other houses. The one locked by the gold skull key has a flame shooting crossbow inside. It's helpful against blood spawn. Especially when you enter the rolling rock house I describe later. Finished with the enclave? Okay, let's now go north of there to the healing altar. It's in an open area surrounded by what looks like square pillars.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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