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There are a lot of monsters here, so be careful. It's also a no magic zone, so you will have to use your weapons on the beasties. If you don't look at them, they usually won't attack, so if you are desperate for healing, just ignore them and head for the altar. One of the quivering pool monsters will drop an ankh when you kill him. This is needed to enter a house near the east exit. If you don't get an ankh in this area, you will probably get it from another quivering pool elsewhere. They are really small, so pay close attention to the ground. To the east of the enclave, just south of the altar area, is a house that must be opened with a blue tear key. Inside a rolling rock moves across your path. Monsters block your away ahead.

You have to kill them without stepping in the way of the rock which will clobber you. The Inferno weapon comes in handy here. Also, the throwing star you found in the sea maze that comes back to your hand. Another method is just step up when the rock passes, take a whack at the monster, then step back. When the monsters are dead, go into the far room and throw a wall switch. This will open a door in the hall where the rock is rolling back and forth. Go right, raid the chest, then return to the switch, throw it again, and go left down the hall when the rock passes to find another chest. You will find an hour glass artifact that comes in real handy later. In the South East corner of the city is a house with three pick switches in its walls and a teleporter blocking the door.

Fire spells keep starting periodically. Wait for the fires to die down. Go to the west/left switch. Pull it, then go to the east/right switch, pull it. The teleporter will have vanished. Then, pull the middle switch and enter. There are illusory walls directly in front of you. Behind them are some chests. Next door is a house with a rolling rock sitting motionless between two pressure plates. Nearby is a chest with a key and a wall switch. Get the key, throw the switch. Open the locked door with the key and you will see a rock rolled away to reveal a chest. Raid the chest, go back to the switch, throw it again and return to find another chest revealed. Near the East exit is a big house requiring an ankh key. There is a hole in the wall next to the door and a speaking statue.

Use the ankh to enter, go to the door that has a wall switch next to it in the north east of the place. Throw the switch, enter and you will see a pressure plate. Step on the plate four times and it will open the other doors. Two rooms are empty. Two have monsters. One has a chest with another hourglass artifact. North East of the city, next to the Ankh house is a house opened by a blue tear key. Entering you will see two pressure plate doors and a door opened by a wall switch. The wall switch opens the center door which only leads outside. The north room has a chest containing the Trumpet of Earthen Quake. The south room has a sleepy imp inside. Talk to him then leave the room and shut the door.

Now, without entering the room again, step on the plate and open the door. Use the hourglass you found to stop time. Enter the southern room and you should see the imp sleeping with a thought bubble over his head. Wait for the time spell to wear off and you will learn the spell of Fire Haven. Slightly west of the south exit is a house with two closed doors and a stone block. Destroy the block with your sword and the doors will open. The door farthest away from the block may need coaxing. Step on and off the plate until it opens up. You can check it with your map. Near the West exit is a house surrounded by four pressure plates. Put one rock filled bag (8 to 10 rocks per bag) on three of the plates. You should have three bags by now.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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