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On the fourth plate place a stone block. Now you can enter the house. If you don't have enough rocks or blocks, then try entering anyway. A spinner will make it really hard but if you keep trying you will eventually get in. It took me a long time when I tried it without the rocks. Inside you will find the Amethyst Hex key needed to get to the Mana Temple. The Mana Temple is slightly north of the west entrance. You need the Amethyst Hex key to enter. There will be blood spawn guarding the place and it is a no magic zone. Near the North Entrance is a house opened by a steel circle key. This house contains a great sword, the best weapon you will find up to this point in the game. It can cause up to 16 points in damage.

So I recommend you start using it. In the North West section is the entrance to the mine. It's a wood building with a rock rolling in front of the entrance. But before you enter, next to this building are two rows of small houses. Explore them and you will find a little girl. Talk to her before entering the mine. Back to the mine. Fight your way past two blood spawn to the stairs. The stairs lead down. You will find you way blocked by a collapse. Use the Heavenly Mend spell to raise all fallen debris. You will find a miner near the entrance. He is the father of a little girl NPC you can find upstairs. The miner will tell you about the heart stone and give you a tool for finding it. Once you have the stone you can leave the mine. It's not worth exploring as there are a lot of zones that steal your mana points and no treasure.

You'll also fight Jesters, who are a pain in the butt. You may want to use the Reflecting Waters spell to avoid getting hit by their screaming skulls when you're not looking. Here is the directions to the heartstone if you want to get there without too much bother. Go south of the miner, take the first left, heading east, take the second right, heading south, go around the bend heading south. The next right and you will see the stone stuck in the south wall. Take it and get the hell out of there. It's not worth hanging around. Once you are finished with the underground city you will have one green leaf key left. Throw it away. Some programmer made a mistake in the game. Now head out the north exit and you will face the Elder Tree.

The Elder Tree/The Land of Roots Quest Items: Dragon Amber, Hallowed Staff of Elder Wood

Now that you've beat the underground city, you should have the Trumpet of Earthen Quake in your possession. Head toward the tree and you will see the bridge is up, turn right and keep going until you see a big rock holding back the sea. Use the trumpet. You can now enter the Elder Tree. Once you enter the tree, you can get rid of the trumpet. You don't need it anymore. The Healing Altar is just outside the entrance room, to the west. There is no Mana Altar in this Dungeon. This place is divided into the ground floor called the Land of Roots, which is rather large, and the Elder Tree, which is a series of small floors leading up to the top.

You need to go to the top floor before you do anything else. When you enter the tree, you start out in a room with a door to the north and a teleporter east and west. Go east to the teleporter that takes you to the stairs. Go north to the stairs, fight your way to the top. The Fungus Man and Earthbile monsters will poison you and there are no poison cure bottles on the way, so use your stash sparingly. The floors with the Fungus Men are a trap. There are hidden alcoves behind illusory walls where fungus men lie in wait. When you get attacked by a fungus man coming at you from the front, wait for him to come to you. DON'T stand in front of those illusory walls or you will be slammed from three sides! Kill the Fungus man and run for the stairs.

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Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn
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