Scene 5 - XDDJ: Komplettlösung Another World (1992)

Scene 5 - XDDJ

Fall down first hole to your right. Do this again. You should be standing on a balancing rock. Go right. Jump over the stalag's and then continue going right avoiding the falling rocks. You should encounter some hanging beasties. You can shoot some and they'll go up. If you can shoot it, use a large phaser blase to destroy it. Continue right avoiding all beasties until you get to a wall. Shoot a hole in it.

Scene 6 - FXLC

After shooting a hole in the wall, proceed back left. When you get to where the rocks fall, take the high road, and you'll get to a ledge. Then go one screen right, and shoot at the bird. Go back left and the bird will follow you. Run and jump off the ledge and you'll grab onto the first stalagtite. Wait here until the beastie starts to eat the bird. Then contiue left on the stalag's by sliding up them and then pushing left and fire. Eventually, you'll be on top of the balancing rock.

Scene 7 - KRFK

Fall off the left side of the balancing rock and use a large laser blast on its base. Then run up it. Continue right, jumping over the pits as they come. Then use a large laser blast to shoot the foundation out from under the water. Now run like the wind (left), but make sure not to fall in the pits. After proceeding left, you'll be standing on a rock that will get shot up by water underneath it. Now go right. You'll go up a ramp and then shoot a hole in the wall. Go right, and then up the stairs. Then continue to go right.

Scene 8 - KLFB

You should be in a room with a bunch of pillars, and your bud should be crawling underneath you. Go right. Kill the alien. A good strategy to killing these guys is to set up shields, and then use a large laser blast to destroy his shield, followed by a quick laser blast to kill him. After killing him, go right and down the stairs. Go left. Kill the guy. Then go up the stairs and shoot the middle lamp. You just released you friend. Now run right and continue to run right. You'll run into an alien. After he picks you up, press fire to kick him where it hurts. Run toward your gun, and then press down.

You'll roll and pick up you gun. Stay crouched and just keep shooting. After you kill the guy, go right. As you enter the room, proceed with caution. Two guys will come, one from either side. Walk to about the first pillar (no guys should be coming yet). Then set shields to your right. Then run right of the shields and set a couple more. The guys will be shooting at you now. Kill the one to your right, and then the one to your left. Use the killing strategy mentioned earlier. Proceed to the right and you will be next to a pit of water.

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Another World (1992)

Another World (1992)
  • Genre: Jump & Run
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
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