Scene 9 - TTCT: Komplettlösung Another World (1992)

Scene 9 - TTCT

Dive into the water. Swim all the way down, and then to the left. On the second screen over, there will be two holes in the rock above you. Go up the one further to the left and you can catch your breath. Then swim straight down (2 screens). You should be at the bottom amongst stalagmites. Swim right and get out of the water. Jump over the little beasties, and shoot the power line. Then swim back to the top of the pit where you first dove in.

Scene 10 - HRTB

Get out of the water and go left. Go up the teleporter, and then up the stairs to the left. Then go right until you get to the room with the big alien and three doors between you and him. Go about halfway to the doors and make a shield. Then go up to the doors and they'll open. Because you made a shield, the guy should start rolling grenades. When he does, back away. The doors will close and the grenades will kill the alien. Then go through the doors. Blow a hole in the next door and continue right.

Go up the teleporter and charge your gun. Go back down it and continue right. You are now at the ceiling level above the guy to the left of the pit of water. If you look at the green glass balls, you can see his reflection as he paces. Squat and shoot so that a ball lands on top of him. Then make your way back to the pit of water. Swim across. Go right and you'll see the dead alien with shattered glass around him. Keep going right.

Scene 11 - BRTD

After going right, you will fall down a pit. Shoot the door to your right with a large laser blast. Then run right. Just keep running. You will get to a screen with a gate at the right. Along the ceiling there is an air duct. Stand under that and keep making shields to your left. Your friend will come and reach his hand down the air duct. Hit your fire button and he will pull you up.

Scene 12 - TFBB

Go left, behind the rock. Then go right. You will be on a path in the background. Continue right, past the room where your friend has been captured. Then go left into the room and kill the alien closest to you. Just run up, and crouch such that your gun sticks thru the shield, and fire. Then follow your friend right. Stand at the edge of the cliff, and he will throw you across. Then after he jumps and is hanging, jump left. You will fall and grab onto another canopy and swing onto a path. Put up shields and kill the two guys that come. Then go left.

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Another World (1992)

Another World (1992)
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