Komplettlösung Amber - Journeys beyond

The Lake

From here, where you first start, you should explore the grounds a little. Click on everything you see and go everywhere you can. Once you have looked around, go to the garage and get the crowbar or the pilar in front of you. You can go upstairs and look at Roxy laying dead if you want though there is nothing to up there. With the crowbar, go to the boathouse and use it on the wooden planks, look around inside. There isn't much to see right now so leave and go to the front door of the house. Open the mailbox by the door and read the note, take the spiral thing. Go inside and forward up the stairs that are under the red light.

At the top, go into the office, the door in front of you that's open. Once inside you will be looking at a desk. Turn to your right so you are looking at a set of stairs and a wall to the right of them. Click on the box with the lever on the wall to turn on the power. Go up the stairs and get the Peek device on the table near the chair. Before you leave here be sure to get the video tape by the computer. From there you should explore the house. There are some hotspots that have some cool scenes, I will try to list them all at the bottom of the page. Be sure to read both Roxy's diary in the bedroom desk drawer and the book in the living room. At one point you may want to be near the phone near the book to recieve a phone call from Roxy, though it's not important if you miss it.

Go to the kitchen and get the weed killer from one of the cupboards, I forget which one. While you are there, go out the door near the cupboards and get the device attached to the door. Once you have that go back inside and go to the dining room. Look at the thing on the table and put the spiral thing you got in the mailbox on it, its hard to see where, near the top. Then turn around and watch the video you got on the camcorder. When it's done go to the living room and look at the device, BAR, to the right when you first go in. Turn on the power and set it to the following:


Level- 6


Gain- 5


Freqmod- 8


When you have done this you can proceed to place the device you got off the kitchen door onto any doors it will go on. You can put it on the kitchen door, the garage (between the house and garage), the boathouse, the balcony (I think), the bedroom door by the office that's locked, and the bathroom door. When you put it on you have to press the red button on top, same as when you want to take it off. when you put it on a door the Peek will flash, click on it to get the time it will take to read it. It will flash again when it's done so you don't have to sit and wait for it to finish. Be sure to keep an eye on the Peek, it flashes several times throught the first half. The most important one will be a video of the bedroom, a key will float throught the air and be placed in the desk near the bed.

Go to the bedroom and get the key. It unlocks the bedroom across the hall. When your done with the doors go to the dining room to the device you put the spiral thing on. Click on the headgear to put it on. From here you can follow one of three paths though you will have to go to all them anyway. I will start with the one inside the house. Go upstairs to the bedroom that was locked and walk into the glowing mirror. This will be the starting point for the ghost Margret. The first thing you will see here is the body of Maggie. Look around the room but don't open the doors, your confined to the room, sort of.

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Amber - Journeys beyond

Amber - Journeys beyond
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