Komplettlösung Amber - Journeys beyond

Go to the dresser and click on the boxes with the faces. After you hear them all click on them so they say: I miss you Maggie. Then go to the radio and turn the dial to the right til the picture around it becomes clear. You now should be in the kitchen, look around, then click on the up button on the dumbwaiter. Go back to the bedroom by way of the radio and click on the knitting needle on the table, not the one in the basket. When it's in the dumbwaiter go back to the kitchen and press the down button. Click on the needle so it goes on the radio.

This opens the dining room. Go there by way of the radio, it's between the kitchen and the bedroom. Look at everything, especially the clock. Open one of the doors and then close it when the static runs inside. Check the time. The door to the right of the radio moves the clock 15 minutes and the one to the left, at the end of the table, moves it 30 minutes. Keep opening the doors until the clock is at 7 o' clock. Go to the radio and turn it to 129.8 to gain access to the den. Don't worry about being accurate with the station setting, it will clear when you get to the room. Look around again and tip over the trach can. You now have to slide the tiles of the note so it reads that her husband was killed. When you have finished that one you will be brought back to the bedroom.

You will then have to turn the power back on again. The Peek will then flash, it will do this everytime you finish one. Go outside by way of the kitchen door and turn around so you are facing the way of the garage. Walk forward as far as you can, just past the turn that takes you between the garage and house. Turn right and go forward til you are looking at some leaves. click on the weed killer you got from the kitchen and follow the path to the gazeebo where you will be taken to the second ghost, Brice. From where you start, look around the greenhouse. You can look into the keyhole of the door to the house. Leave the greenhouse and follow the path through the weeds. You don't have to listen to the bees but you can if you wish, its hard to hear what they are saying anyway.

from there follow the path so you come out at what looks like a weird fountain with small trees around it. Walk around til you come to the shed door. Go inside and turn around so the door closes you in. Turn around and go the back, near the rake, and look down at the sliding panel with the holes. click on the hole and notice what you see. Go outside and to the side where the holes are. Move the pot near the holes so the mirror is facing you, then turn around and move the pot near the front corner so it's facing away from you( if this doesnt work move this pot the other way). Go back inside the shed, closing the door again, and go to the holes again. You should see a window of the house with cardboard in four window panes with a nice, and blunt, message.

Take note of the pattern the message is arranged. Leave the shed and go back to where the bees are. Follow the path to the right side of the screen. In this part you will find a bench with a wooden heart nailed to it. There isn't any real stratgey to this that I know of. The object is to move the nails so they are all in the middle. You can push them in the whole way, out to the middle and out the whole way. The one on the left moves the one on the right, the one on the right moves the one on the bottom and that one moves the left one. When you finally get that you will be given the combo for the tree. Go there by following the other path where the bench is. When you get to the tree, go around to the back and push the red button.

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Amber - Journeys beyond

Amber - Journeys beyond
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