Komplettlösung Amber - Journeys beyond

Go up into the gazeebo and look down at the grate. Use the combo to open this and go inside. Look around to discover that he is a UFO maniac. If you are facing the ladder, turn to the right and go to the door. Click on the white flag by the door and raise it by click on the same side of the rope it's attached to. Look down at the paint, then bring the flag down by clicking on the other side of the rope. It should be dragged through the paint and then raised as a red flag. You may need to back out of this screen. Click on the wooden looking panel beside the door until it opens and shows six buttons. Enter the buttons in the order the window pane message appeared (I'm not sure if this changes).

Press the first two on the top row and the last two on the bottom. Cllick on the button above the panel and open the door. This will end Brice and bring you back to the house where you will once again have to turn on the power. You can only turn it on by going in the front door. After the power is back on, go down to the lake and into the boathouse where you will find the final ghost, Edwin. This one is a bit tricky, you will have to make sure you dont trun the wrong way. You will turn and move forward at an angle if you don't have the cursor in the right place for turning left or right without moving. Usually it's at the far side of the screen near the bottom.

From where you start locate the puppet in the ice ahead of you, you wont be able to pull him out at this time though you can try. Turn left and go forward until you come to the edge of the lake, the cursor will tell you that you can go forward but you will only be blown back onto the ice. Follow the edge around the lake til you come to either the boathouse or the windmill. If you come to the windmill first, turn the lever so it comes on. Then go to the boathouse. There you will need to turn the crank at the back wall, you have to look down. Turn it clockwise twice to lower the weight. Go to the weight and click on it so it pushes the rock salt out the window. Walk around the boathouse to the back. Go up to the roof and turn the weather vane so it points west.

Climb down and click at the corner of the boathouse where the arrow appears at an angle. Walk forward to the boat and get in, pull the rope and notice the boat move over the hole in the ice. Go back to the boathouse and turn the weather vane so it's pointing east. Go back to the boat and pull the rope again so it goes back to where it was. Look at the hole the rope from the boat leads to. Notice the teddy bear. Go to the place where the puppet was, it might be easier to back to the boathouse and walk froward from there, and jump into the water. Click on the rubber duck to bring the car up. You can turn around to see the puppet behind you. Get into the car and click on the windshield. Turn left and right to notice the three paths.

Make sure to go down the middle one. At the intersection, go forward again. This will bring you to a castle where the puppet will get out and tell you to bring the bear. You will be brought back to where you started in the car. Go down the path on the left and at the intersection, go forward again. You will know if you did this right because you will jump over a break in the path. You will pick up the bear automatically and go to the castle. The rest will finish itself and you will be brought back. Go to the house and turn on the power again, this time you get a surprise. Listen to what the angel says and when you are brought back go to the computer and turn it on. Enter the password the angel gave you, Wisdom.

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Amber - Journeys beyond

Amber - Journeys beyond
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