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Hello, P. J. Barrett. As a middle manager in a large corporation, you lead a pretty cushy life. Tonight you've got a stay-at-home date with your beautiful girlfriend, Trudy, to watch a film festival on television; the only fly in the ointment is that your television is in the shop. On the way to pick it up, you see a Conanesque barbarian (complete with sword) coming out of the repair shop with a TV that looks a lot like yours. In fact, it is yours. Embarrassed by the mix-up, the repairman gives you the barbarian's futuristic television as a loaner. All seems to be well, until Trudy arrives at your apartment, slips away to put on something more comfortable, and a mysterious force sucks you into the TV!

The television turns out to be a gateway to another universe. In that other universe, you meet Jonquah, who had intended to summon a mighty warrior through the gateway between worlds. Alas, he got you instead, but you'll have to do. Jonquah wants you to save the universe from his twin brother, Helmar, who has been corrupted by the stolen Jewel of Light. The Jewel has created an instability in the universe; you must destroy the Jewel before it destroys everything else. Not the sort of work that a middle manager is usually called on to do. As the introductory sequence ends and the game begins, you find yourself on the planet Daltere, in a small clearing on an island suspended high atop a massive growth of vines.

LOOK around to get a description of where you are. (It's always a good idea to LOOK as soon as you enter a new scene, but this is the only time you'll hear it from me.) Watch out for the edges of the island and that hole behind you - there are a lot of cliffs to fall off in this game. Go one screen to the right and you'll find yourself between a strange factory and a small hut. Enter the hut and you'll be face to face with Alnar, an artisan who forges objects out of metal. In fact, he already has a few such objects handy. GET THE SWORD, GET THE AXE, and ask Alnar for a personal favor: ALNAR, MAKE A CAGE. It'll come in handy later. While you wait for Alnar to finish the cage, ASK ALNAR ABOUT THE SWORD and THE AXE.

(That's two commands, not one.) Then, when the cage appears on the counter, GET THE CAGE, and EXIT. Once outside, go left one screen, back to the clearing. See that rocky arch in the middle of the screen? Go through it. When you reach the other side, work your way around to the far side of the large hole. (You should SAVE the game before you do this, because there's a good chance you'll fall in the hole the first time you try to go around it. In fact, it's a good idea to SAVE this game whenever possible, because even this walkthru won't prevent you from falling off cliffs, stumbling during fights, or dying in any of a hundred other ways because your reactions are just a little off.)

You should now be standing next to a flight of stairs descending into the depths of the island. Walk down the stairs and into a small dwelling. Unfortunately, the owner of the dwelling isn't home, but he left a sign behind in case he had visitors. EXAMINE THE SIGN to find out where he is, then EXIT. Go one screen to the right to the other side of the strange factory. Go down the stairs to the main floor of the factory, and step through the green pillars at the bottom. You're in Tentro's shop. Tentro uses colored pigments (which conveniently fall from the sky) to make frags, colorful objects that carry information. ASK TENTRO ABOUT FRAGS and anything else that might come to mind. See those spherical objects on one of Tentro's assembly lines?

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Altered Destiniy

Altered Destiniy
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