Komplettlösung Altered Destiniy

Walk over to them and GET A SPHERE, then EXAMINE THE SPHERE. It has a story to tell. DROP THE SPHERE, walk to the far left end of the workshop, and GET THE TUBE. When you EXAMINE THE TUBE, you'll see that it's used for holding frags. There are several frags on the assembly line next to you. You can't GET THE FRAGS without the tube's help, so POINT TUBE AT THE FRAGS, and it will suck up the frags for you. EXAMINE the frags in this order: PYRAMID, SMALLISH FRAG, CYLINDER, and CUBE. They, too, have a story to tell. GET THE BOTTLE OF PIGMENT (from the shelf next to the frags), and leave the workshop. Go back up the stairs and walk one screen to the right to Land's End. See that flat rock on the eastern end of the island?

Stand in the middle of it (but be careful not to walk over the edge) and a transporter will float over to the rock. It can't hold too much weight, so DROP THE AXE before you step onto the transporter. The transporter takes you to the smaller of the two suspended islands, Runes Island, doubtlessly named after the two columns in the middle of the island covered with incomprehensible runes. In the small shelter at the other end of the island you see Vindah, whose dwelling you entered back on the large island. Enter the shelter and TALK TO VINDAH. ASK VINDAH ABOUT JONQUAH, HELMAR, and anything else you'd like to know about. Notice how he keeps mentioning divinations?

ASK VINDAH ABOUT DIVINATIONS and he'll tell you that to do a proper divination, he needs an Indella bird. ASK VINDAH ABOUT INDELLA BIRD and you'll learn that they are attracted by pretty colors, and live somewhere in the woods. He'll also warn you about the natural springs that you may encounter in the woods. When you've finished talking to Vindah, EXIT the shelter, walk back to the transporter, and it will carry you back to the large island. After you step off the transporter and back onto the flat rock, remember to GET THE AXE. Now you need to find a floater. These are the green, balloon-like plants (or are they animals?) that float up to the island from somewhere below. Floaters are the elevators of Daltere: Small floaters take you down; large floaters carry you up.

Look for a small floater and GRAB SMALL FLOATER. It will lift you a short distance, then carry you down to the surface of Daltere. The floater drops you off at the Crossroads. You'll visit here often before the game is over. Roads branch off to the northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest. Take the one to the southeast to the Edge of the Forest. Of which forest is this the edge? Why, the Forest of Dreams, of course. Starting from the Edge of the Forest screen, go left one screen, down one screen, and right one screen. Pause for a moment to watch the fluboxes taking a nap. See that hammock strung between two trees? We'll be back later to take advantage of it. For now, go one more screen to the right, down one screen, and left one screen to the Bottom of the Hill.

You have now had the grand tour of the Forest of Dreams. No doubt you've noticed the bright yellow leaf lying on the ground at the Bottom of the Hill, so GET THE LEAF. You've probably also noticed the narrow path leading southward. You're not ready to take this path yet, but if you're curious to see what's at the other end, SAVE the game, and head up the path. You'll end up at Howler Lake, where the plaintive cries of the Howlers draw you inexorably into the waters. Bye-bye, P. J.! RESTORE the game and don't take the path this time. Instead, retrace your steps back to the Edge of the Forest. (Go right, up, left, left, up, and right.) There are two paths leaving the forest. Take the one on the right to return to the Crossroads.

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Altered Destiniy

Altered Destiniy
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