Komplettlösung Altered Destiniy

This time, take the northwest path, which leads to A Wooded Area - the beginning of the Weird Woods. While you're in the Woods, keep your eye out for the Hoppa, a living spring that bounces along through the tree tops looking for victims it can pollinate and turn into plants. Could the Hoppas be the natural springs that Vindah warned you about? Maybe so, but don't worry about the Hoppas for now. They won't hurt you...yet. Go up one screen. See that glow in the distance? We'll be back to check that out in more detail later. For now, go one screen to the right. Blocking the rear of this screen is a lattice-like web climbing up into unseen heights. Wade through the pools of water between you and the web, and CLIMB THE WEB.

At the top of the web, you'll find yourself on a broad terrace dotted with pools of water. Watch out for the pools with tiny whirlpools in them. Step in one and you'll be sucked downward to your death. Go down one screen and you'll see the Indella bird nesting in the webwork. DROP THE CAGE, SET THE TRAP, and BAIT THE CAGE WITH PIGMENT. (Indella birds are attracted to brightly colored things, remember?) If the Indella bird vanishes while you're setting the trap, exit this screen and reenter it; it will return while you're gone. Now, sit back while the Indella bird takes the bait. Once he's in the cage, GET THE CAGE, and go one screen to the right. There's a large seed shell sitting on the ground.

GET THE SHELL, walk into the pool of water at the bottom of the screen (the one without the whirlpool), and FILL THE SHELL WITH WATER. You'll need the water later. Go one screen up (watch out for the waterfall at the top of the second pool) and one screen right, and you'll find yourself back where you started. CLIMB THE WEB back down to ground level and go back to A Wooded Area (one screen left and one screen down). Exit at the bottom of the screen and you'll return to the Crossroads. You've got the Indella bird, so maybe Vindah will be willing to give you a divination. Wait for one of the tube plants to disgorge a large floater and GRAB LARGE FLOATER. You'll return to the large island. Go through the rocky arch, around the hole, and right two screens.

Step on the flat rock, DROP THE AXE, and step onto the transporter. Once on Runes Island, go to Vindah's shelter, and GIVE CAGE TO VINDAH. He will remove the Indella bird and the jar of pigment from the cage, and the bird will start strutting about on the floor. ASK VINDAH ABOUT DIVINATION. Vindah indicates in turn that he needs something for the bird to leave markings on. How about the leaf you found in the Forest of Dreams? GIVE LEAF TO VINDAH. The bird paces around the leaf, squats in the pigment, and finally leaves markings on the leaf. What do the markings mean? You are a dreamer, Vindah tells you, though some accomplish more in their dreams than others do in a lifetime. Clear as mud.

EXIT Vindah's shelter, walk to the transporter, and let it return you to the large island where you can GET THE AXE. Then, GRAB A SMALL FLOATER to take you back to the Crossroads. Head southwest from the Crossroads this time, and you'll end up By a Cliff. Recessed into the ground (near the bottom of the screen) is a diamond-shaped plate. EXAMINE THE PLATE and you'll see that it has some oddly shaped holes in it. Where have you seen those shapes before? That's right: the frags. POINT THE TUBE AT THE PLATE and the frags will be neatly expelled into the holes. As if by magic, an entrance opens in the cliff wall behind you. Could this be what the frags meant about presenting your invitation at the Order of the Jewel?

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Altered Destiniy

Altered Destiniy
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