Komplettlösung Altered Destiniy

Let's go inside and check, but first, POINT TUBE AT FRAGS. We might need them again. Go through the entrance and you'll find yourself in the cave-like Order of the Jewel. Walk toward the diamond-shaped plate at the bottom of the screen. Whoops! A nasty-looking Guardian appears in the ceiling of the cave. Don't try to leave the cave while that guy's around, or he'll turn you into toast. (SAVE the game and try to leave through the exit at the top of the screen. See what I mean? Now RESTORE the game and quit fooling around!) Instead of leaving the Order, take the path at the bottom right of the screen. You'll find yourself in The Crystal Garden with Lantra, a friendly protective creature who grows crystals for the Order.

EXAMINE LANTRA and you'll see that she's carrying a pair of pouches. EXAMINE SMALL POUCH and EXAMINE LARGE POUCH, and you'll learn that the pouches contain seeds that will grow into crystals. Well, shucks, you never know when a pair of crystal-growing seeds will come in handy, so ASK LANTRA FOR SMALL POUCH. No dice. Her crystals may need them. ASK LANTRA FOR LARGE POUCH. Same problem. Maybe if you gave Lantra something she needs, she'd reconsider. Crystals need water to grow, so GIVE SHELL TO LANTRA. (It contains the water you scooped up back in the Weird Woods, remember?) Sure enough, she shows her gratitude by giving you the large and small pouches (or rather, by dropping them on the floor next to you).

GET THE SMALL POUCH, but leave the large pouch here for the time being. THROW SMALL POUCH and it will take root on the floor, growing a fresh round crystal on the spot. GET ROUND CRYSTAL. EXAMINE ROUND CRYSTAL and you'll be told that it's shaped like a lens. Curious. Exit the screen by the path on the lower right. The exit leads to a hallway. In the middle of the hallway is a staircase. Descend the staircase and enter the door at the bottom. Welcome to the library. The nearsighted librarian Towhee and his Zen puppy Otto (who looks suspiciously like a three-legged table) are here to serve your every need. (Well, a couple of them, anyway.) The library is filled with scrolls, so ASK TOWHEE FOR SCROLL.

He'll send Otto to get it, stare at it myopically, and hand it to you. READ THE SCROLL. It tells an interesting story of the conflict between humans and Yulas. What's a Yula? You'll get a look at one later, or rather, at the remains of one. As interesting as the scroll may be, it's not really going to help you win this game. There must be something else useful in the library. Maybe if you did Towhee a favor. The old librarian is nearsighted and the round crystal that you're carrying is shaped like a lens. So, GIVE ROUND CRYSTAL TO TOWHEE. In gratitude, Towhee gives you a picture scroll. READ THE PICTURE SCROLL. It concerns the defoil herb, which changes plants into animals. You don't suppose that you're going to find one of these herbs somewhere in your wanderings, do you?

EXIT the library, climb the stairs, and exit the hallway on the left side of the screen. You're back at the entrance, where the Guardian is still glaring down malevolently from the ceiling. So, let's get out the way we got in: POINT TUBE AT PLATE and the Guardian will fade away. You'll need the frags again, so POINT TUBE AT FRAGS, and leave by the front entrance. This is the only place you'll be needing the tube, so DROP THE TUBE outside the cave entrance. You're also finished with the scrolls (just reading them is enough); DROP THE WRITTEN SCROLL and DROP THE PICTURE SCROLL, as well. Then, exit the screen to the right and return to the Crossroads. Head southeast; into the woods we go again. Go back to the place where you saw the hammock strung between two trees.

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Altered Destiniy

Altered Destiniy
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