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(From the Edge of the Forest, go left, down, and right.) After all the work you've done, you deserve a rest, so LIE IN THE HAMMOCK. You'll fall asleep automatically. What can you do while you're sleeping? Well, remember what Vindah said about dreams? Follow his advice: DREAM. You'll dream about old TV shows, from My Three Sons to Gilligan's Island. (Does anybody recognize the show with the two eyes hovering over the bridge? I don't.) You'll even dream about Vindah himself, who tells you how to face fear: Stand immobile and show fear you know its source. Finally, you'll dream about a strange blasted landscape that looks like the Forest of Dreams might look after a nuclear war.

It might be worth exploring this strange landscape, but you only have time for one command before you return to the real world. So, WAKE UP! Instead of waking up, though, you'll astrally project right out of your sleeping body. Or is it the sleeping body that's the astral projection? Heavy Zen stuff, dude! Go right one screen and down one screen, being careful to avoid the pools of acid. Yeah, this sure looks like the Forest of Dreams, all right. But how do you get past that cloud of green gas at the bottom of the hill? Alas, you can't, so go back to the screen where you left your sleeping body (up one screen and left one screen).

There sure are a lot of rocks in this place. EXAMINE ROCKS. They look precarious, eh? That pile in the center looks particularly unstable, so walk up behind it and PUSH ROCKS. The rocks fall off the cliff, forming a natural staircase; how convenient! CLIMB ROCKS and you'll find yourself at the bottom of the hill, past the green gas. The pink rabbit-like creature in the middle of the screen is Luella Kaylef. Why is she crying? TALK TO LUELLA and she'll tell you the whole sad tale (or at least enough of it to keep the game moving), about her dead beloved whose picture now lies on the other side of the acid pools where she can't reach it. If you'll retrieve it for her, she'll give you a reward. (Now, let's be honest.

You would have helped her even if she hadn't offered the reward, right? Right?) Don't even think about walking between the acid pools. It can't be done. Instead, walk to the right of the leftmost of the two trees in the center of the screen, and CHOP LEFT TREE WITH AXE. (You may have to try this several times before the game acknowledges that you're in the right position to chop the tree.) Then, do the same with the rightmost tree (e.g., walk to the right of the tree, and CHOP RIGHT TREE WITH AXE). The trees will fall across one of the acid pits, forming a kind of bridge. Approach the fallen trees from the right side and you'll be able to walk across them. (You may have to try this several times, too.)

When you get to the picture (which is lying at the far left of the screen), GET PICTURE, and walk back across the trees. Go to Luella and GIVE PICTURE TO LUELLA. Luella will drop her mirror for you to pick up. GET MIRROR, and get the heck out of this Godforsaken place! CLIMB ROCKS, go back to your sleeping body, and SLEEP. Paradoxically, this will send you back to the real world, where you can WAKE UP. Return to the Edge of the Forest (left, up, and right) and take the rightmost path back to the Crossroads. You'll need to travel light on your next expedition, so DROP ALL. You'll need one item, though, so GET BOWL. You can pick up the rest when you get back to the Crossroads. Take the northeast path and you'll soon arrive at the Canyon of Death.

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Altered Destiniy

Altered Destiniy
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