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As its name implies, the Canyon of Death is a dangerous place. In fact, you'll probably die more times in the Canyon than in the rest of this game put together, mostly from falling off cliffs and other precarious perches. While in the Canyon, follow that most ancient of adventure game admonitions: Save early, save often, or be prepared to start the sequence again from the beginning. From The Top of a Canyon, take the path down into the canyon depths. When you enter the next screen (On a Path), don't move! See that amoeba-like wraith descending lazily toward you from the top of the screen? EXAMINE WRAITH, and you'll learn that it's actually a Fear, left behind by a dying Yula.

Remember what Vindah said about standing immobile in the face of fear? That's what you're doing right now. Stand immobile until the Fear impales itself on the sharp rock next to you, and turns into a slippery stream of slime. Continue down the path and into the next screen. Two more Fears descend on you from above. Stand immobile again and they'll do the same thing the last Fear did, only this time the resulting slime will flow into a bowl-shaped depression in the rock. Think you'll need some of that slime later in the game? Probably, but you don't have anything to put it in at the moment (the bowl is already holding popcorn), so we'll worry about that later.

There are two exits from the Canyon Fork screen (besides the entry you came in through): One is on the left side of the screen, the other is roughly in the middle. Take the one on the left, being careful not to fall off the narrow pathway that you're on. (What? You fell off and got killed? Well, you did SAVE the game like I suggested, didn't you? Didn't you?) You'll emerge on a narrow fragment of pathway high in the air. Continue along this path and into the next screen, where you'll see an odd-looking plant suspended above the path. Could this be the defoil herb you read about earlier? Talk about coincidence! GET THE HERB and retrace your steps back to the screen labeled Canyon Fork. (Players who grew up in the sixties are cautioned not to SMOKE THE HERB.

This ain't that kind of game.) This time leave the screen by the exit in the middle. You'll follow a long, twisting path that will continue for several screens. (You will also fall off this path repeatedly and die. Send all complaints to Michael Berlyn, c/o Accolade, Inc., 550 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95128 - not to the author of this walkthru. If it helps, try to imagine how many times I had to die to write this walkthru. Kind of takes your breath away, doesn't it?) Eventually, you will come to a graveyard filled with the bones of long-dead Yulas. Impressive beasts, weren't they? Doubtlessly they were even more impressive when they had skin.

In a moment you are going to climb the bones of several Yulas, but first you'll need to take a precaution against being molested by Kleegs, peculiar creatures who dart around among the bones of the Yulas. DROP THE BOWL, and a cloud-like herd of Kleegs will descend upon it, leaving one Kleeg lying comatose (from overeating, apparently) in its wake. Let him rest for the time being. Walk to the leg bones on the right, note the webbing wrapped around them and connecting them with other bones, and CLIMB WEB. You'll clamber up to the top of the bone pile, where you can step on to the strand of webbing that connects these bones with the ones to the left, and walk across the web.

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Altered Destiniy

Altered Destiniy
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