Komplettlösung Altered Destiniy

(This, incidentally, is why you dropped the rest of your inventory back at the Crossroads. The web, like the transporter that floats between the two suspended islands, can't bear much weight.) When you enter the next screen, notice the large Yula skull in the middle and the small arrow on top of it. Could this be the jeweled arrow spoken of in song and scroll? EXAMINE ARROW and you'll see that it is. Work your way across to the arrow (dying repeatedly, as usual) and GET THE ARROW. Then, retrace your steps back to the previous screen, and CLIMB DOWN at the point where you first climbed the webbing. Once on the ground, GET THE BOWL. The Kleeg is still lying on the ground next to the bowl, comatose from his huge meal of popcorn.

GET THE KLEEG, too. What are you going to do with a Kleeg? Wait and see. Follow the path back through the canyon. Keep an eye out for that puddle of slime left behind by the dissolving Fears. When you come abreast of it (at the Canyon Fork), FILL BOWL WITH SLIME. (The bowl was full of popcorn before, but now it's empty and available for slime-toting.) Once you've got the slime, continue following the path back out of the canyon, and return to the Crossroads. Okay, time to pick up the stuff you left at the Crossroads. However, you no longer need the axe. (It was only necessary for chopping the trees in The Forest of Dreams.) So just PICK UP MIRROR, PICK UP SWORD, then go southwest, back to the Order of the Jewel.

GET THE TUBE from where you left it in front of the cliff. POINT TUBE AT PLATE to open the door. Then DROP THE TUBE; you won't be needing it again. Enter the cave and take the lower right exit from the main entrance hall, back into The Crystal Garden. Finally, you can GET THE LARGE POUCH and go back out the way you came in. Head right outside the cave and return to the Crossroads. Now it's time to investigate that mysterious light in the Weird Woods. Go northwest from the Crossroads and return to the Wooded Area. Go one screen north. There's the mysterious light, almost dead center on the screen, but don't go toward it, yet. Instead, go two screens to the right.

See that pathway leading through the trees (or whatever those things are) to the upper right? Follow the path and...whoops! Here comes the Hoppa! He bounces across the screen and onto your head, sprinkling you with pollen. When he leaves, go back two screens to the left. (And don't dawdle. After that dose of Hoppa pollen, you're eventually going to turn into a plant. You don't want to take root until you've taken care of business, do you?) This time, go through the exit in the middle of the screen, where the intense light is. You'll find yourself facing a nasty, axe-wielding creature named aRRaRRa across the glowing lens of a giant crystal: the Pool of Light. Looks like you're in for a fight.

First, though, EXAMINE THE PLATFORM on which you are standing. It has a message inscribed on it, something about how your form must be right. Now back to the fight. WIELD THE SWORD so that you'll be ready and move to the right. The elevated platform on which you are standing will float over to the one on which aRRaRRa is standing, and the fight will begin. Don't be intimidated by the creature's brute strength. Force aRRaRRa off the right edge of the platform, then dive off yourself. You don't die as you fall into the glow of the crystal, the way that aRRaRRa apparently does. Does this mean that your form is right? The pollen sprinkled on you by the Hoppa must have had something to do with this. You fall through the crystal and land on a mysterious staircase floating in mid-air.

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Altered Destiniy

Altered Destiniy
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