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EAT THE HERB immediately. It will cancel the effects of the Hoppa's pollination. (The defoil herb turns plants into animals, remember?) On one of the landings of the staircase you see a mound of stones. EXAMINE MOUND and you'll see a cryptic message about how Growth bridges the gap, seeding the path, crystallizing our differences. Now what could that mean? An image of Jonquah appears and tells you that he has something for you. But as you descend the staircase toward him, he vanishes. Fortunately, even as the image of Jonquah fades, a new flight of stairs appears at the bottom of the floating stairs. Step on the platform. It begins to descend through a long tube with strange markings etched on its sides.

EXAMINE THE MARKINGS and you'll read another cryptic message, in which the numbers four and one figure prominently. The platform eventually deposits you on the Floating Floor, which is made up of a matrix of square tiles with circles carved on them. Take the hint provided by the last message: Walk only on those tiles with one or four circles on them, until you come to a tile with no circles on it at all. This tile will move downward, elevator-like, until it leaves you on a platform above the Pool of Darkness. Next to the platform hovers yet another image of Jonquah. He gives you a Silencer and vanishes. Step off the platform and into the pool. Next thing you know, you're back at the Pool of Light, where you fought aRRaRRa.

Exit to the left, then go down two screens, and return to the Crossroads. You're finally ready to face Howler Lake. Take the southeast path from the Crossroads to the Forest of Dreams. From the Edge of the Forest, go left, down, right twice, down, and left. TURN ON THE SILENCER and take the southward path that you weren't ready to take the last time you were here. This time, the Silencer protects you from the cries of the Howlers. Walk out onto the causeway and look across at Castle Island. That's where Helmar, your adversary, is waiting. But how are you going to get there? The causeway is in ruins and the water is full of Howlers. Wait! What's that flickering light on the island? Is someone trying to signal us?

Let's SIGNAL WITH MIRROR and find out. Sure enough, a boat (or more properly, a nonsentient creature called a Boteman) comes sailing across to meet you. Climb on board and RIDE BOTEMAN. He'll carry you back to Castle Island while Helmar watches malevolently from above. The Boteman drops you off at a landing on Castle Island. Uh oh! What are those evil looking plants? Those are Noisomes and they can kill you with sound. Quick, before they can do anything, SQUEEZE THE KLEEG. All that gas left over from his popcorn feast will be released in an immense belch, destroying the Noisomes before they can destroy you. Step onto the island, but watch out for certain red trees and purple undergrowth.

(You'll find out quickly enough which ones to avoid, after you've died a few times.) To make yourself less, er, desirable to the red trees (if not the purple undergrowth), POUR SLIME ON SELF. (Yuck!) Head one screen to the right and enter the remains of the garden. There are two exits from the garden, both in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Take the leftmost of the two. Follow the short path to the screen labeled Island Center. Cut across this screen from right to left, exiting on the left. Follow the short path to the bottom of the next screen, into the screen labeled Amid the Ruins. Do a sharp U-turn around the hedges and go back into the screen labeled Gathering Place.

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Altered Destiniy

Altered Destiniy
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