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Alice is not an especially difficult game, but there are some tricky parts to it. This walkthrugh (of sorts) should help you over the rough spots. When playing the game, it helps to talk as much to people as possible, although there is usually one way of talking to them (coax, argue, etc) that will produce the best results. It's also fun to read the various signs along the way; some are just funny, but many contain useful clues. Don't be afraid to explore all the doorways; just save the game first. Some will not lead you anywhere important, but may contain clues needed to finishing the game. Always pick up objects that are takeable; they will be useful somewhere along the line. Before going down the Rabbit Hole, it is important to obtain the tin of comfits from Alice's sister, as well as the parasol from the Reverend Dodgson.

You can coax the sister to give you the candy, and argue with thegood reverend for the umbrella. The White Rabbit can be teased to give you the answer to the Caterpiller's riddle. Then it's down the Rabbit Hole! This part is pretty simple, you just keep going down most of the time. You can actually skip the singing mouse (he wants the marmalade from the pantry), since his song isn't used anywhere in the game. When you reach the Chesire Cat (my favorite character) sitting on the rock, you'll note a door off to the right. You can't reach it now, but you'll be coming back this way later, so just keep on going down. Eventually you will come to bottom, and reach a room with cakes.

The cakes make you taller, and elixirs make you smaller. First jump to the cakes and get all of them. Then go back down, over to the next room, and jump up four blocks. Eat a cake, jump over (parasol open) to the ladder and climb up. Get all the elixirs, then return down and to the cake room. Just left of the doorway there is a tiny door. Eat two elixirs, and you can enter it. You are now in the upper room. Eat a cake, jump over to the table, and get the cake and elixir there, then jump over to the rope. Don't climb the rope, instead walk off the left edge and open the parasol. You'll float down to the table with the key. Take the key, jump off, and return to the ladder room. Go up the stairs to the small door, eat an elixir, and pass through.

You're now above the Pool of Tears. Enjoy another cake, then jump in and swim awhile. You can pass by the second Rabbit Hole; the seashell in there isn't all that important (but, you can get it if you like). Keep swimming, and you will reach the beach, and you are now in Wonderland proper. Ok, so now you're on the beach with the Dodo. He has an important item, which you can obtain by giving him the tin of comfits. Once you have thestick, keep moving to the right. The second Alice is not all that important, but talking to her will give you some extra information. Continue on up the hill, where the White Rabbit show up again. He'll mistake you for his maid, Mary Ann. Don't worry about it. Tease him, and he'll drop his fan and vanish.

Get that and keep going to the house. Once inside, go to the door on the right and enter it, then go up the stairs. Mary Ann isn't all that important, but you can talk to her until she disappears. Then go enter the doorway. This takes you to a new room, where there is a fireplace. Go thru there, and just follow it along. Eventually you'll find the Mad Hatter's missing teacup. Take that, and continue on and out of the fireplace. Now you're back downstairs again. That's all you need here, so leave the house, and move along to the right. When you come to the swing, climb up and get all three teapots. After that, continue to the right. The puppy will get in your way, but leaves when you offer him the stick (talking will do no good, so don't even bother trying).

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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

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