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Pass up the tree with the rope; you aren't ready for that yet. Continue on to the Caterpiller. Along the way, pick some mushrooms; the white ones make you grow, and the purple ones make you shrink. There is a second use for the mushrooms, but that comes later. Ask the caterpiller why he's doing that, and he'll ask you a riddle. The answer (which you should have gotten from the White Rabbit earlier), is tophat (Queens, being women, wouldn't wear such a thing). Remember the clue the Caterpiller tells you in return. You're done here, so move along to the right. The Cheshire Cat pops up again; you can amuse yourself by talking to him for awhile. After that, continue on until you reach the Town Hall. Argue with the Clerk, and he'll drop a Memo for you before he vanishes.

Pick that up, and then head backleft, stopping at the Duchess' house. Climb up, making sure you get the muffin along the way. Talking to the Duchess is not in the least important, although it does have its funny side. What you really need to do is get to the room above, but you don't have what you need yet. So, go down the stove in the kitchen until you come to the clock. Simply walk off the clock and open your parasol. Climb down from the housetop and enter the house. Go left and enter the door. Inside is the March Hare, suffering from a broken heart. Argue with the poor creature, and he will leave you a whisker before he disappears. Take that, leave the room, and go upstairs.

Take the first door on the right to the Bathing Machine, and then enter it. Go down (being careful to avoid the ferret), and you will come to the Pier. Leave the Pier by walking left until you come to the ladder. Climb that, and continue left. You can pretty much ignore the painting rabbit, so keep going until you come to the platform with the rope. Stand on the edge and jump, opening your parasol (so as to avoid the ferret below). Swim left and continue left until you reach the museum. Go right and upstairs and continue on until you reach the Gryphon. Scold him, and he'll drop a cricket bat before he disappears. Take that, and continue right until you reach the chessboard. Stand to the right of the chessboard, and eat a cake (or mushroom).

Turn towards the chessboard and jump. Walk up until you reach the middle black square in the third row. Walk up a tiny bit further, drink an elixir, and go back down to the square and enter it. This is the Mad Hatter's place. Offer the teacup, and he will give you his hat, which is one of the most important and useful items in the game (of course, the Hatter disappears after giving you the hat). The part with the Queen of Hearts in the Court Room isn't especially important. However, if you go through it, make sure to argue with the Queen so she asks you the riddle, whose answer is lap . There is nothing else of importance here, so you can go back through the chessboard and leave the museum. On the way back, be careful.

When you are almost to the shore, use the hat to float above the ferret. Continue on back to the Pier, and return up to the house (there is nothing else of great importance here, but you might find it amusing to chat with the Cheshire Cat in the Carousel Room). After leaving the Bathing Machine, you might want to try the next door down. This is the door to Blenheim Palace. It's not especially necessary, but if you go through it, remember to give all three teapots to the Queen. Ok, now leave the house and go left until you come to Lacie the artist. Give her the Memo, Muffin and Mushroom. She'll disappear, and you cancontinue on to the Treacle Well. Climd down that and go right to the Cricket Ground.

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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

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