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Enter that, and keep going left to the School. Go to the Music Room, and coax the turtle, who will sing a song for you. Then go to the Dance Room and enter the mirror on the left, which will take you back to the house. Now go up to the Duchess, stand on the block to the right of her, make yourself tall (with cake or mushroom), and use the hat. You'll float up and bang into the wall, but if you stand in the right spot, you'll end up standing on the rope afterwards. Eat a mushroom or elixir to get to normal size, then go up the rope and make your way to the cradle. Examine the cradle.

There is an ugly baby inside, who will turn into a pig and walk off when you try to take it, but it leaves behind a rattle (which you have automatically; you don't need to use the Take command). Ok, now comes the tedious part. You must make your way ALL THE WAY BACK to the rabbit hole you first came down (yeah, I know, but ya gotta!). Use the hat to float up to the ledge to the left of the Cheshire Cat. Then eat a cake and jump over to the Cat. Stand on the right edge of the rock, face right, and use the whisker. Shrink down to normal, and then walk along the whisker, and up to the door. Inside is the Dormouse (don't worry, you still have the whisker!). Tease him, and he'll sing you a song.

Now, leave and go all the way back to the tree with the rope hanging down. Climb that, and make your way up to the bird's nest. Sing Shut Your Beaks to them, then wait for 12 o'clock, when you can go through the mirror into Looking-Glass Land. Ok, so now you're through the Looking Glass! Take the door on the left, which leads to another room. Take the center door, and try to help. She'll leave a brooch before vanishing. Get that, and go through the mirror to Room Two. Climb the rope there to Room One, and go out the window. Jump (opening your trusty parasol), and you'll be at the bottom of the Birdbath. If you go left, you'll find a garden and a Buttercup in it, but it's not necessary to go there.

Walk right, passing the small Birdbath, and keep going until you come to the house with the rope. Go up to Cloud Land, and use the hat to get to the door you see there. Inside is the White Knight. Help him, and he'll sing you a song. Teasing him also produces good results. Leave, and make your way over to the other end of Cloud Land, where you'll find the Bread and Butter Fly. Take that, then go back down to earth. Now go to the railroad station (it's next to the house with the rope). You'll need a mushroom or elixir to get in. Once inside, return to normalsize, take the first door, and then walk right to the train. Inside is a Unicorn. Talk to him if you like, then go left to the Gnat.

Try calming him, and he'll ask you a (very old) riddle. The answer is Duck . Then use the hat to float up out of the train. When you fall back, you'll be in a different train. Walk right to the exit and leave. Continue left, passing up the Waxworks (if you prefer, you can enter), until you reach the Jabberwocky. Use the fan and he'll disappear. Keep going left until you come to the tree. Stand on the left side, and use the hat to fly up. You'll find Humpty Dumpty up there, sitting in a nest. Tease him, and he'll leave a cravat for you. Climb down, and walk left. Here you need to be careful. There is a ferret bouncing around the next screen. As soon as you enter that screen, use the hat to float above him. Do this as quickly as you can.

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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

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