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You'll float up to the top of the steps (taking a fall in the process). From there, go left to Tweedledee (or is it Tweedledum?). Offer the rattle, and he'll get out of your way. Continue Left until you come to the White Queen again. Give her the brooch, and keep going until you come to the door. Go in, and try to calm the cranky machine. It will sing you a song. After that, leave, and go back right all the way until you come to the ladder going down (a note here about the Red Queen in the balloon. If you decide to visit her, the answer to the riddle is content ). Climb down, go left (ignore the birdcage, it's a trap) until you come to the sheep. Sing Munch, Munch, Munch , and you'll be able to get to the next room.

Offer the Bread and Butterfly to the Sgt. Major, then climb up the ladder and go left. Tease the baker, who will ask a riddle. The answer is Nightmare . Continue left and enter the Banquet Room. Sing God Save Queen Alice to the Wasp, and you will be in the real Banquet Room with the talking Mutton. Sing No More Mutton for it, and he'll leave a paper crown (NOTE: you MUST have the crown before you visit the Bellman). Ok, now go back the way you came, and return to the Palace. Keep going left there, past the Easter Rabbit, until you reach the Barrister (British for lawyer ). Coax him, and he'll ask a riddle. The answer to that one is Buttercups . Keep on left to the Bell Room. Stand directly under the rope, and use the cravat.

It will provide a way for you to climb up. Continue to use the cravat to get up to the Belfry (note: always climb up on the right side). If the Bellman isn't there yet, just wait around (you can stand there, doing nothing; time will pass in the game regardless). Offer the cricket bat to the Bellman, who will give you a key. Take that, and go back down, and out to the ladder again, and make your way to the room that has the Banquet Room door. This time, however, go up the stairs to the door above it and enter the Beryl Throne Room. You can talk to the Throne or not, as you please. Go through the door on the other side. This leads you to a room with a ferret. DO NOT go through the door on the bottom; it is a trap; you must go up via the rope.

You can pass the ferret by using the hat; it may take a few tries until you find exactly the right spot to stand, and the right timing as well. Once past the ferret, get up the rope quickly, and make your way over to the White Rabbit. Give him the fan, and he'll get out of your way. Now keep going. You'll come to another ferret; use the hat to get past him, as well. You're almost out now! Go through the door at the top, and you'll be in the BallRoom. Go out the other door, and you're in the Rabbit Hole. Use the cravat (it may take you a few tries to find the best place). Climb up the cravat, face right, and use the whisker. Walk along the whisker as far as you can. Then turn left and use the hat. Congratulations! You made it out of Wonderland!

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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

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