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You begin in the Toronto. You pilot a shuttle to the world where the game takes place. Click on items to see what is useful. If the menu includes Manipulate there is something there to do or use. But do read a lot of the Examine boxes for interesting if not useful descriptions. Check your initial room - there are some items there. After a while you are asked to go to the shuttle. Ignore this until you are ready - there is no disadvantage to delay. The best thing to do first is to talk to everyone you can. You have a friend named Joe Bernard who has his residence in the northeast of the building.

Go talk to him. He will give you the code (1042) to enter the service level. This level is in 3D (first person). You will find the entrance in the northeastern most corner of the Shi'ite only critical item here is a pistol and some ammo for it. OK, now that you there you see a door right in front of you. Walk toward it. You see the message Floor plate lights up in the corner. Now the door should open and the road is clear. In the next room there are four floor structures (or should I say pressure plates?) in each corner of the room. Activating them all will open the door. Now you will enter a similar room but this one has no floor structures. It has two switches, one on either side of the door on the walls in the north of the room. Activate both to go ahead. The next room has two doors and two floor structures.

You cannot open these doors. But be patient. A robot will arrive shortly that will open the doors for you one by one. When you have entered the third of these rooms, there is a switch in the western corner. Activate it to be able to pass through the door on the east. After a while you will enter a room with a cabinet on the north wall. Remember this, because you will need it later. Push the buttons to open the door and when you get to the door with the keypad enter the same code that Joe gave you. Now search the room (the COM room) carefully. When you find the gun, go back to the service level and deposit it in the cabinet. Now go back to the COM room and leave it. You leave by passing some security guards.

Note that they will search you and take the pistol if you have it. Now go back for the gun - leaving the way you entered instead of past the guards (which you cannot do originally because you pass a one way door). Do search every room you can. You will also get to Snoopy's room then, which contains some more ammo. Healing potions are very useful. Lockpicks can open locked chests that do not require special keys - although the documentation does not make this clear you can click on a lock without having a pick and use your unlocking skill. If you get a message like this lock cannot be picked forget it! If you get Tom cannot pick this lock it often means he can pick it - he just needs to keep trying. There are no locked chests in this area to worry about, however.


Explore the building you start in (called the House of the South Wind Clan). It does not pay to be cheap with your rescuers (the game generally prefers the good approach although any loose item can normally be taken with no risk or penalty). There is a mini-dungeon here, but it is recommended not to explore it until you have the next party member. The best thing to do now is to leave the clanhouse and explore. Find the stores and check them out. If you have items to sell this is done by going into the same mode as to buy items but clicking on your inventory - you do NOT use the offer item command in the conversation menu in stores - you use that to give items to NPCs where this ties in with the storyline.

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