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If you do it right, you will not get hit. But the second bit does not do this. Just walk through them, reloading if all goes wrong. Have Sira heal Harriet, and have her cast Lifebringer in order to fight the next enemy. A little later, go west to find more light patterns, then east and you will find a room with a grid of 4x4 pressure plates. Light the pressure plates up so that each row matches one of the light patterns you saw on the walls. If you do not get it right, do not worry. You can reset them by pushing the switch next to them. If you do get it right, push the switch and the walls will open. If you cannot find the tight pattern, it is:







The 0's mean that the plates are off , the x's mean the plates are lit up. You will find lots of bodies of the AI called Ned. These guys are tough. You have to kill one bunch in order to open the next door, but if you move fast, you can get past most of them without having to fight them. Open the door, rush into the next room, and then into the next and take the first door on the northern side. You will enter the reactor core, as you have done before. The ship's security forces leader will be waiting for you. If you steer the conversation well (never say anything offensive), you will not have to fight them. Now, go north. You will be attacked by the housing of the AI. You do not have to kill it! It will certainly kill one of your party members.

That is the time to plant the seed! Congratulations, you have done it! You can kill the AI, however if you want to. The only way that I know is to trap it using Thorn Snare and then have Mellthas cast Small Fireball 4950 times. It will not have any effect when it is not on maximum power however. I have never done it as I could not carry enough potions for him to be able to do it. If Khunag can by casting Fireball or any other fire spell, please tell me.

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