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The documentation does not mention this! After two game days you automatically are taken to see the local ruler (she is the boss after all) and get a quest and a new party member called Drirr who greatly increases your party strength. You can now more easily do the mini-dungeon either before or after the quest. Before the quest might be better because you can use the ammo that you find there. You will be trapped by a cave in until you find a pickaxe. You will need this object in various dungeons - get used to clicking on walls to see if an object can be used on them when you run out of other things to do or are suspicious.

You will probably need to use your pistol - save ammo since there isn't much but don't be too cheap - after a while you will be more powerful and can get by without it. Click on treasure piles to check them out - one of them (and only one, alas) has more ammo. There is also a clock - click on it after you get it to make it permanently visible in the screen - it is very useful. Don't forget to give Drirr something better to wear and fight with whenever you go search for the murderer or when you start to do the mini-dungeon. For example, give him the Iskai armor by stealing it. Stealing goes as follows: walk up to the bar and just before you reach it, click the right mouse button. You should be able to reach much further than you normally can.

Keep in mind that this routine may take some time to get used to. And a good sword (are you also looking at the expensive Iskai lance?) is not a bad idea either. If you cannot find the first dungeon, ask the cattle breeder just outside. He will tell you. Check the map carefully or you may miss the dungeon once you are there. Walk onto it to enter. Before entering buy some torches to help you find goodies (the torches are very cheap) and a Music Crystal in the general store to give to an entity you find right near the object you are looking for (an Iskai Dagger). You do not have to give the Music Crystal to the entity. You can also buy it just now and use it on the next island. See below. Keep in mind that exploring this dungeon can be very useful.

This dungeon is actually pretty straightforward, so I will only mention a few things. Note that outdoors or in dungeons monster pieces may be left after battle and they are usually sellable. This dungeon has two types of stationary plants that take the evolutionary niche of dungeon traps. Big mouths in the floor can be deadly but will close for a while if given chunks of meat that you get killing Krondirs (the big beasts). In town you may have been offered fruit to feed to the other type of guardian plant but it is cheaper just to turn the lights out - this puts them to sleep. Use Drirr (your local guide) as party leader - he sees better in the dark. Explore the entire dungeon for experience and loot (and fun for some).

The entity will then tell you how to increase your attributes after you promised him the music crystal. This is critically important - you REALLY need this boost. But be patient - do it after you finish the quest and get a new member so she can share in the benefit, or wait (a LONG time) until you have all six final party members. You get three attributes up one at a time - to get the third up you need to pickaxe a wall. You have to make a path of light. What you do is walk from one glowing rainbow toadstool shaped like a triangle to another in the room where your footprints glow - this opens a wall. To finish the quest go see Frill, the old Iskai in the Council house.

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