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He tells you to go see Bradir in the Former Guild in the Northwest of town. Bradir will fight you but is not a challenge. After the problem is solved, you may think that it is a pity you could not keep that beautiful little Iskai Dagger. Well, you can. Although the leader took it away, go back to the Former Guild and talk again to Bradir. When you end the conversation, he will give you 100 gold and the dagger. I recommend that you give it to Sira (put it on her tail), because she can do with the extra strength. You can now ship out. DO NOT! The trip is one way until late in the game (that is what the stone outdoors that is shaped like an eye is for but it is useless to you now).

Don't leave the island until you have the following:


1) Sira is level 12 and has Frost Avalanche (at maximum is best but it is essential to have it).

2) Sira and Rainer's Long Range attacks are at maximum (assuming you prefer them to attack long range. You probably do for Sira as she is better at this then Close Range).

3) Tom and Drirr's Close Range attacks are at maximum (if you prefer them to attack close range. Again, you may want this too as the Close Range weapons are more powerful, and Tom is better at it).

4) Drirr has the Iskai Armor (steal it) and the Iskai Lance (unless you prefer lighter weapons or armor).

5) Sira and Drirr each have the Iskai Metal Helmet.

6) Sira has lots of seeds (200+). Find them outdoors or buy them in the Mages Guild (southwest).


Note: This is merely a recommendation but the seeds and Frost Avalanche seem all but essential. Kill the enemies and sell their parts, as I said before to get lots of money. Spells do far more damage and the frost spells last much longer after fully learned.


The first thing to do here when you arrive is to talk to the king of the village. He will tell you he needs an amulet that you need to get for him. Then go to the east until you find the next village, and then north, following the path. That is where you need to be. If you have saved the Music Crystal from Narikidaani, go a little further north and give this to the man guarding the oak tree. He will give you a very good weapon in return. When you have the next party member, a Druid named Mellthas, train the spell named Small Fireball that he has. When it is on full power, go to the pass south of the Druid village (called Vanello). It contains a valuable supply of bandits (but they run out after a while, <sob) and it leads to a trainer, who only trains Close Range combat and a store.

If you want to train the party, except Mellthas, who cannot be trained here, then do so, but this trainer is much more expensive then the Iskai warrior on Narikidaani. Another useful thing is to go to the shop there and to buy the Music Crystal, unless you saved the one from Narikidaani. The Dream shield is also excellent. It is the only powerful shield that Sira is able to wear, so I suggest you consider buying it. And, of course, have a look for seeds outside. It is advisable not to enter the dungeon without a rope. In the dungeon part of Arjano, you will be stopped by fire. Use a bucket of water to extinguish them. There is also a place where there are nine grey pressure plates close to one another.

Walk over the plates so that a + sign appears (you should not walk over all the plates but they can always be reset). Then the passage is clear. In the first party view part of the dungeon right near the start there is a secret button nearby on the right hand side. Push it. Now you can get through the first gate after you get to a switch and use it. After that, in the big room with the three flames, step on all the pressure plates. A door in the southwest will open. On the second level you need to step on a plate that releases moving flames. Step on it three times first to open the way to a button that will open up a passage in the east wall. Then keep on stepping on it until the road is clear.

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