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When you come to an area with a pit and two locked doors fall through the pit. There are three gates with Warniaks behind them. Open the gates, kill them and get the treasure. If you pull the lever behind one of the doors, the wall opens up, and you can look in a chest (guarded by a demon - a Fear 1). It contains the key to the doors you could not pass. On the third level, there are more tricky bits. In the large room with the big beasts trapped behind the red, transparent walls, only walk over the green pressure plates, otherwise they escape, and they are no joke. Of course, if you have Frost Avalanche at full power and make sure all party members stand on the last row of the grid and have lots of potions, then they are no big deal.

On the next level you will find some force fields. There is one in the east that you will have to walk through. But later on, you will find staffs that will get rid of them. Only use them on the six in a row you meet at the end of the level. Talking about staffs, in the room where you get them if you do not want to fight, go to the exit of the room as quickly as possible and pull the lever acanthi will trap the enemies. And in the room with the three levers on the south side, you need to pickaxe some walls. Look carefully, or right-click on the walls. If you fall through the pits a little bit further, do not worry UNLESS you do NOT have a rope. There is some minor treasure down there.


The first thing to do here is to look for your next party member. You can choose either of two, but the mage (called Khunag) is recommended by most people. It is up to you: somebody good at fighting or a poor fighter with good offensive spells only (no healing spells). The warrior is a woman called Siobhan. But Khunag will help you through parts of the Kenget Kamulos dungeon you need to go to much later. You will find both possibilities in Beloveno, the big city that you start in. Then it is a good idea to explore the countryside, and maybe even talk to the members of each town/village. When you try to talk to Kontos, the leader of the mountain village Kounos, you will be stopped by a guard called Nodd.

However, if you steer the conversation in the right way, you will not have to fight him. But you always can, of course. Then it is wise to explore the dungeon under the house. On the first level you will find a chest with a power amulet in it, but once you have it, it seems like you cannot go on anymore. But you can! There is an illusionary wall close by. If you then get to the point with the three pressure plates in a row in front of three doors, run over the plates as fast as you can, otherwise you will not make it through the doors. On the second level it is imperative that you explore all of it, especially directly south from the exit.

You will find something that is needed to complete the game. The game itself takes a long time to complete the plot for this continent and be allowed to move on, but all of us have found out through trial and error that you have to just be patient. You may also buy a map that may help you find a cave entrance but you can find it without the map if you explore. The cave is not absolutely essential but has some nice loot. It is the same one whose other entry is blocked by a door you can't get through except from inside the cave. Every morning between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., there is a trainer in the village at the house of the leader (where the dungeon is). He is the only trainer that is able to teach you critical hit.

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