Dji Cantos: Game Guide

However, it costs 950 gold per point, so think twice. I found it very useful anyway, especially for Drirr and Tom. Sira already has her 5/5 score, so do not bother to train her. The entry to the cave discussed above is from the plateau lower than the village, and to the east. I strongly recommend that you explore it, because it contains some very nice stuff, including the best sword in the game, although it is cursed. But you have to have a rope, otherwise you will not be able to get out. It is also imperative to talk to lots of people on this continent, repeatedly in some cases, going back as you learn new things.

Some examples are: the Council members in Beloveno, the barkeeper in the Iskai village in the north of the land, and Kariah, the prostitute with her house on the market square. The barkeeper will give you the second piece of the vital item, after a while. There are also lots of seeds here. Collect and move on. After the problem is solved, you will probably want to go to the Iskai shrine and kill Kontos. He has a few goodies.

Dji Cantos

This mainly goes all by itself. You also get a new party member here, an Enlightened One named Harriet. In the southwest of the building, there is a woman who sells spell scrolls. If you got Khunag, buy all the spells that he does not know, as there is no other way to learn them. There is no hurry to go to the Toronto, despite the fact that Harriet pushes you to do so. The first thing to do here is to look for those Flowers of the Goddess you are told about. Stand on them for about 15 seconds, and the leader of the party will have one of his attributes (which depends on the flower) increased by three points.

These flowers are for about 15 uses as far as I know, but save the game before you use them and think which party member needs this little boost the most. You will have to wait for 36+ hours until they can be used again. If you have visited them all (there are eight in total) it is wise to collect the two party members who took a vacation when you left the last continent, as they are very useful.

Umajo Kenta 1

If you have explored this city a bit, you will be told there is a prison north of the city. It is useless as far as I know, but if you are anxious, by all means go. You can free the prisoner, but it has no use that I am aware of. You cannot pick the lock, so you will have to wait until the guard comes (at 11:00 p.m.) to open it for you. You can follow the guard there (a long walk!) or find it on your own. First buy the preservative that keeps you alive in the desert. Get several. You get them from the man in the Equipment Makers Guild. To get to the Toronto, you will have to talk to some of the people in the bar, and in the Miners Guild. Bringing a jewel is recommended. The guide will then show you to a cave entrance. The southern exit from the cave leads right to the Toronto. The other exit is useless.

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