Toronto 2: Game Guide

Toronto 2

Look everywhere for pieces of paper with numbers on them. The code for the door is 1001, in case you could not find the piece of paper with it. Once you are in the 3D part, have Joe wake up the robot so that it is able to open the door for you. In the long corridor, stand as far away from the switch as possible, so that you can just still manipulate it. Then run as fast as you can to the other end, and turn the second one. A little further on, free all the robots as then the doors open quicker. A little further on, make sure that the floor pattern on the west side matches the one on the east side.

You should go to the east one first. Then turn all the switches as quick as you can. The next door to open has the code 4312 in case you cannot be bothered to try all the combinations on the pieces of paper, or were not able to find them.

Umajo Kenta 2

Fist thing to do here is to go to the building in the northeast of the city. You are now able to pass as the guards let you through. You are told to look for a man in the cellars under the Equipment Makers Guild. However, you do not have the key and you need a secret password. He told me the first time I went there and had to go back until I had the password. Well, in order not to have to make the trip twice, the best thing to do is to go to the Miner's Guild. Go all the way into the big room. You notice you only have access to one mine shaft. Go in there and stand in the niches so that the guards do not see you.

Get to the second niche on the right and overhear the ceremony. ONLY THEN DO YOU KNOW THE PASSWORD! The next thing to do here is to look for a guy called Zebanno. Fool him and he will give the key to you. In the Equipment cellars, you notice that there are knifes on the ground. Search the halls until you enter a big room which has a hammer on the floor. Go back and follow the knifes. You should end up in a room full of them with a chest surrounded by the knifes. Manipulate the switch and use the hammer to knock down the knifes to get to the chest. Search it and you should find a key. Go back to the entrance and manipulate the switch close by (which you could not do earlier). Now, enter the door and manipulate the switches until they are in the positions shown.

This will get rid of the knifes. Now, follow the corridor until you get to a big room with a chest. Just before this, you may have seen a door which leads to a room with an anvil in it. Well, you use it to turn swords into two-handers. It only has a limited number of uses. You cannot open the chest in the big room yet, but the road is clear. Go west and search the chest in the west of the dungeon. It has a key with which you can open the chest in the big room. Open it and raid it. The map makes this place a lot easier. A little later you get to a room with extinguished torches and a fire. If you have a full bucket ready, splash the water over it. If you do not, then do not bother as this is not imperative to win the game.

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