Kenget Kamulos: Game Guide

The darkness leads the way to the pressure plate. As you proceed you will get to a room where there is a switch which is only visible at certain times. Activate it and you should be able to enter the mine shaft. Once you have entered, you will be in a first person perspective. You are close to the guy you came for. Go west and then south. The corridors should lead you to him. You may have noticed there is a orange curtain in front of a door, made up of flying balls. Well, these doors are one-way doors only. When you walk through the curtain, it opens the door, but it closes again as soon as you have walked through it, and it cannot be opened from that side again. This can be very frustrating.

Once you have talked to the guy, you can either go or search these cellars a bit more. It contains an item which is supposed to be vital, but no-one knows its use. Anyway, in order to search this place more, you need to go all the way to the southwest until you get to a pit. Fall through it and you will end up in a room with a spinner. In the next room there is a chest with a crystal staff and there are four flames. The staff can change the colors of the flames. In order to open the door, all flames should be blue, in case you could not figure this out. There is a button just west of this door in the same room. Push it and a pit will appear. Now go west. There are a few switches there.

Push them all until the leader says he heard a sound from the room you fell into. Go back to the room with the flames, go back down the pit WITH A ROPE, and then go back to the room with the spinner again, exactly the way you came. Go into the next room. Manipulate any switches that you find, and explore the part east of the room with the flames too, as this too contains some switches. And look out for illusionary walls (you will probably see them on the map). Repeat this until the door to the west of the room with the spinner is open. Go in there and search the chests for the Stone of Visions, which is supposed to be vital. This is also a very good training area. Every time you step on the blue pressure plate, Animals 3 will appear.

A total of 16. Kill them as many times as you want (or can) to get as much levels as possible. This is the quickest way to get levels in this game, so I recommend you have a look there. When you get out, go to the Jeweler's Guild if you want to see the effect of the Stone of Visions. The Guild is behind a closed door (on the map that is) in the south of the city. When you enter you see a big stone on the floor. Use the Stone of Visions there, and it enlarges itself. Now touch it. You will be healed. You can now heal each party member. There are mo more uses that I found. When you have finished here, go look for the High Knowledge. Go back to Maini and take the northern exit. The Kenget Kamulos residence is just east of there.

Kenget Kamulos

This place is big! I recommend not to enter this forsaken place until each party member is at least level 30. And bring lots of potions, even though you will get plenty there. When you have talked to the local leader, search around thoroughly. After a while, Khunag will lead you to the secret passage (provided you have him). The closet in that room contains a valuable item. Wait for the novice to leave (at about 8:00 a.m. for a few moments), and search the closet. The switch is hidden. Manipulate the torch, if you cannot find it. The fight after this is endless, so go on for as long as you like, then surrender.

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