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In the next area, the quickest way is to go east, then north to get a key, then all the way south from there and then west to the exit. Do search it well because there is a very good sword hidden in a box in the northeast of this section. The next area is in 3D, as is the rest of this place. Not much to mention here. You will find the exit by first going north and then west. In the first room, the flame will chase you when activated (very nasty). When it starts to move, run as quickly as possible to the pressure plate in front of the door. The flame touches it, extinguishes and opens the door. On the next level, there are two doors down. If you take the left door, you will end up in a room. On each of the walls on the northern side, there are buttons hidden behind curtains.

Push them both and a door will open. Now you can raid the chests. If you decided to take the right exit, be prepared to take lots of damage. You will find a big room with three little rooms inside. And on the north side three passages. The thing to do here is to walk around all three little rooms and push the buttons on the wall on the back of each. This opens the doors to the northern passages. Now, stand on the pressure plate in front of one of the rooms and the door will open. There are flames inside that will chase you. Look at the flame color and guide them to the pressure plate that has the same color as the flames in one of the northern passages. They extinguish when they touch them.

Then go into the room and pull all the switches you can. Repeat the procedure for the other six flames. There are a total of nine, in three groups of three. When the doors have opened (or should I say if ,<g), you will end up in a big room. There is one of the little rooms that contains a chest. The other only contain Animals 2 + 3. The one with the chest is about in the middle north. The exit is to the west; in the corridor and then follow the path. Care with the fireballs! There is another little passage in the previous room behind which some good stuff is hidden in a room. Follow it and stand on the pressure plate in front of the door for a while. The door opens and you can raid the treasure.

Now, when you have gone down, you will find a pressure plate in front of a little corridor. Stand on it until all of the statues have lit up and the door will open. This level is called the Beastmaster level. There are no puzzles here, but in order to get out you have to kill the Beastmaster. I found him to be in the south west room of the ones that are joined together in the west. After a little searching you will have found him. Kill him, get the key and get out of there. Be careful, because the Beastmaster reflects Frost Avalanche. Freeze the other Mages, and use Thorn Snare for him. That is what I found to be the best option. If you are already tired of fire, wait till you see the next level. Adjacent to the big room, are a few little rooms that contain blue pressure plates.

It is better to go first to the southeast into a room that has some buttons. There is a similar room north of the passage in the east of the room. Push those buttons too. Now, visit each of the rooms with the blue pressure plates and wait until the fireballs have revealed a good path to the them. Activate them and you should be able to go into the east passage, as the trap should be gone. At the end of the corridor, it splits off into a T-section. Go south stand on the pressure plates until the flames have disappeared and then pull any switches that you can. Now go to the northern exit. There are doors which open and close periodically and find the way down. There is a chest here and some chasing flames, so be careful.

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