Toronto 3: Game Guide

But the most important thing here is a button, which you can find in the Northwest of the room on the wall on the western side of the room. Go back up into the north south corridor. In that corridor there is a button just north of the passage that goes back into the lava room on your left hand side. Push it and the exit will be revealed. You are getting there! The next level is not such a nuisance considering both enemies and puzzles. Go to the east and walk a little over the glass pressure plates. Then flames will start to move and will trace out a pattern. Now it is up to you! Go south and match the pattern on the glass plates there. If you do not do it right, you fall. But do not worry. You can go up the stairs again and try until you have done it.

Follow the corridor and you will end up in a room with fireballs coming out of the walls. There is a chest nearby. There are four pressure plates here: two in the middle - and two on the western side of the room. Walk all the way across the room and activate the western plate. The statue will start to move. Once it has reached the other side, it will stop. Then go back and activate the other western plate, so that the statue moves back again. Repeat this until all the fireballs are gone. Now, stand for a few seconds on the first middle plate (until it turns grey) and then on the other. The door should open and the road is clear. The last level is just to stop you from getting to the exit. There are lots (and I really mean lots) of enemies.

The quickest way is to go to the southwest until you see a door on the southern wall. Open it, go a little west until you see another door on the northern side. Go in there and follow the path. Voila, you are out of the 3D part. You will now end up in another 2D area. Almost there. Follow the path to the north, and you will end up in a room with the three highest Kenget Kamulos together. One last battle (use Thorn Snare as it is much more useful here) and you have done it. Congratulations!

Toronto 3

This place is actually pretty straightforward. Take a screwdriver, because you will need it. You will find it in the Toronto. Once you are in the 3D part, go to the west. You will see a laser barrier. There is a piece of wall nearby which you can open with the screwdriver. Have Joe (or Tom) open it and manipulate the wires and the lasers should be gone. Now walk all the way until you find a wall that contains another one of these things. Manipulate it and the lasers in the north should be gone. By the way, you may also have noticed that there are some patterns on the walls made up of colored lights. Note them.

You will need them later. Now just follow the path. You will end up in a big room with a door on the south side you cannot open. If you have Joe, let him manipulate the broken wires just right of the door. Then you will be able to get through. Do not go through it yet. Go into the west room and manipulate the other piece of wall. This will make some lasers disappear. If you do not have Joe, be prepared to fight all the robots behind the walls. If you do have Joe, walk past them through the door on the south that he has just opened. Now comes a nasty part. You will see that the lasers will go on and off in a given pattern. Give Sira or Mellthas (better Sira) all the luck items you have, and walk through it.

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