Komplettlösung Ace Ventura


After the game starts, the intro begins to play. When Ace is on the ledge, the cursor becomes active, and you can click around. Use the bungee cord from Ace's inventory on the rock. The intro continues, and the game starts.


Use the key in inventory to open the door and enter Ace's apartment. When you hear a knock on the door, click on the projection screen to pull it down. Click on the door to answer it. Talk with Shickadance. When the Portable Computer's lights start flashing, click the laptop. Talk with Woodstock; you will be sent to the beginning of Nautilus.


Click the entrance hatch to the sub. The Garbage Chute game starts. Use the arrow keys to help Ace swim through the junk; be sure to pick up air tanks when you can. When you complete the Garbage Chute game successfully, you exit into the hallway. Walk to the right and you will get caught. Talk with Jacques until he leaves. Exit the Dining Room to the right. Pick up the fork on the floor outside the Dining Room. Walk to the left; you'll see the door to Jacques' quarters. Use the fork from inventory on the door. Click on the Loose Papers on the desk on the left of the room. Click on the Loose Papers again to collect the maps.

Open the right cabinet door. Take the key. Take the wad of cash. Turn over the sail fish on the wall; take note of the ID and Password. Click the blue conch shell. Click on the old book on the desk. Click on the pages to get the Periscope code. Exit back to Jacques' quarters. Pick up the oyster shell on the bed. Click on the bed to move it. Use the blue shell from inventory and place it on the indention in the wall. Click on the open doorway. Click again to push Spike in. Enter the doorway into Nemo's quarters. Click on the closet to open it. Click the cloak (some kind of uniform) on the floor to collect it. Click on the wall chart. Click on the island to have Ace use the compass. Click on the pen, click on 50 degrees longitude, and then click on the longitude entry on the paper.

Ace records the entry. Click on the pen, click on 50 degrees latitude, and then click on the latitude entry on the paper. Ace records the entry. Click on the completed paper to collect it. Exit back to Nemo's. Exit back to Jacques' quarters. Exit back to the hallway. Click on the hatch cover to go to the Whale tank. Click on the Control Platform to go up there. Use the key from inventory on the keyhole by the lever. Pull the lever; Ace jumps down from the platform. Click on the baby whale. Click on the whale twice more; it will swim over to Ace. Click the button on the back of the whale's back to turn it on. Click on the ladder to go to the hallway. Click on the ladder to go to the bridge. Click on Ace to open the inventory.

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Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura
  • Genre: Jump & Run
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 06.12.1996

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