Apartment after Nautilus: Komplettlösung Ace Ventura

Use the Master of Disguise (glasses) on Ace. Click the Navigation Table to walk to it. Solve the slider puzzle (Move the pieces clockwise). When the five pieces match, pull the map from inventory and place it on the bottom right empty spot. Click the longtitude-latitude paper from inventory, then use it on the map. Roll out the overlay by clicking on it. Click on the pen to draw the line. Walk to the Sonar Station. Click the Release button. Use the arrow keys to keep the whale in the middle until you see the island. (If you lose the whale, click Recall.) Exit to the bridge. Click the periscope. Ace jumps on the platform. Click the right button on the platform to use the periscope.

Flash the code (Long-Short-Long) to release the octopus. When Ace returns to the bridge, click the spiral staircase (a way out). Hop across the whales to get to the pier. (Use your left arrow to jump. When the whale to the left of Ace is slightly higher than the whale Ace is on, jump.) Ace is back at his apartment.

Apartment after Nautilus

Use the key in inventory to open the door. (If a bouncer is at the door, use the Master of Disguise-Pizza on him, or give him money to get rid of him.) Enter the apartment. Answer the door when Shickadance knocks. Enter the bathroom on the right. Click on the tub faucets to fill the bathtub. Exit the bathroom. Click on the answering machine; discover there is no power. Grab note on the wall. Click on the cabinet until you can collect the gloves. Walk over to the TV cable; click on it to collect it. Connect the cable to the fusebox. Take the other end of the cable in to the bathroom and put it in the tub.

Go back to the kitchen. Click on the tank cover to uncover the fishtank. Click on the tank to pick it up. Take the tank into the bathroom and put it on the stool. Open the inventory and put on the rubber gloves. Pick up the eels and put them in the tub. Exit to the kitchen. Click on the portable computer; listen to Woodstock. Time to go to Alaska!


Click on the hole in the ice. Click on the Eskimo. Talk to the Eskimo; he will take Ace to his leader. Click on the Elder's igloo (the one on the right). Talk with Oosik and the Elder until you move over to the fire. Talk with Oosik at the fire. Choose the maidens; when Ace returns, you'll automatically go to the Totem Pole game. Click on the pieces to construct a woman from the bottom to the top. Ace will return to the fire; then Ace, Oosik, and the Elder go to the Husky kennels. Click on the yellow snow. Talk with Oosik; she will uncover the Artic Avenger. Click on the Snowmobile; Oosik will give you the coat.

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Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura
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