Apartment after Alaska: Komplettlösung Ace Ventura

Use the arrow keys to maneuver the snowmobile to the Deserted Camp. (Go left, right, right, right, left, right, right, right.) Click on mound 1. Click on the bone to collect it. Click on mound 2. Take the twinkie. Click on mound 3 for fun. Exit back to the Snowmobile ride. Use the arrow keys to maneuver to the Satellite Dish. (Go right, right, right, left, right). Use the twinkie on the panel cover. Take the screwdriver. Click on the panel to see the schematic - note the color and diagrams. (You'll need this later in the Factory.) Exit back to the Snowmobile ride. Use the arrow keys to maneuver to the Spy Camp. (Go left, 2nd right, right, left.) Click on the soldiers in the distance several times. Click on the snow to Ace's right.

Use the Master of Disguise to slide down the ramp. When you are in the interior of the Spy Camp, click on the gas can. Talk with the soldiers. Uncover the Monster Snowmobile. Hop on the snowmobile to exit to the Snowmobile ride. Use the arrow keys to maneuver to the Shed. (Go right, left, left, right.) Click on the hatchet to use it on the door. Enter the Shed. Click on the wastebasket to collect the piece of paper - you will need it later. Click on the bed for fun. Click on the small rug to reveal the button. Click on the button. Enter the elevator. Use the up arrow key to get through the Flame Throw. (Timing and recognizing the pattern is key - just keep moving, and pause for a second for the last jump.) Pull the handle to turn off the gas jets, and then move forward through the door.

Move along the catwalk to the last and highest door on the second level, and click on the door. (Use the ladder on the left.) Use the bone from inventory on the dog to the right of the door. Walk across the room. Push the green button to open the door. Click on the computer on the left side of the room. Enter the password from the paper in inventory. (Press) Use the menu to disable extraction security. Use the menu to disable control box security. Use the menu to enable the elevator backup power. Logout. Go to the cabinet and click on it to open it. Move Ace out of the way. Click on the cans to move them. Move Ace out of the way. Pick up the crowbar. Go back to the right side of the room, and use the crowbar on the power panel.

Click on the panel to get a closeup view. Use the buttons to disable the prods (click red, then blue, then pull the lever). Go back to the panel closeup. Use the buttons to open the Husky doors (click red, then green, then pull the lever). Walk to the Husky cages. Click on the cages to free the Huskies. Exit the room back onto the catwalk. Go down the ladder and enter the first door to go to the Extraction factory. Click on the fence to open it. Click on the handle to stop the machines. Click on the seal pen door to free the seals. Exit to the catwalk. Go to the door that is the on the far right and enter the Warehouse. Click on the hot tub. Click on the barrels on the left. Use the crowbar on the barrels. Click on the tub to start the party. Exit to the Flame Throw. Exit to the elevator, then to the shed. Exit to the outside of the Shed. Go back to the apartment.

Apartment after Alaska

If the bouncer is outside of Ace's door, use money to get rid of the bouncer. Use the key to enter the apartment. Answer the door when Shickadance knocks. Talk with Shickadance. Click the Portable Computer. You'll see the Xotica web page. Click the icon on the far left on the bottom of the page. Click on the icon labeled Sea Spray (New) and drag it to the X on the right. Repeat the steps for each of the icons until the X has transformed all four corners of its icon. You'll have to enter an id (Jacques) and a password (Nemo). Order the seal oil Order the Baby Whale Blubber Gel. Click on the Special Offer.

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Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura
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